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Chuck Schumer mocks President Trump’s border deal with Mexico but at least the Democrat admits there is a border crisis

border deal


Chuckie Schumer is not even in the same league as President Trump when mocking his opponents. The problem with Democrats is they come across as smug arrogant assholes when they mock. Schumer went to Twitter to congratulate/mock President Trump over the border deal with Mexico.

For months Democrats have denied there was even a border crisis. In the infamous meeting to end the Government shutdown with President Trump Schumer insisted the President was throwing a fit.

Throwing a fit because he was seemingly the only person in Washington that wanted a border deal or to do anything about the border crisis.

Last week the President announced tariffs on all products coming into the United States from Mexico beginning at 5% and going as high as 25%. Democrat went nuts as well as some Republicans. “It’s going to wreck the U.S. economy.” “This will destroy any good from the Trump tax cuts.” “Oh my our avocados and tequila are going to cost more.”

But it brought Mexico to the table and they sent Representatives to Washington this week and a new deal was signed that will send illegal invaders back to Mexico,

President Trump’s tariff threat brought Mexico to the bargaining table. At the last minute before tariffs were to be imposed Monday Mexico blinked and a deal was struck. Trump posted on Twitter that the two sides had struck an accord that would remove the threat of tariffs. Otherwise, import duties of 5% on Mexican goods would have taken effect on Monday, an added burden for businesses and consumers already grappling with 25% tariffs on Chinese goods.

According to Trump, Mexico’s government agreed to strengthen border security efforts to stem the unchecked flow of migrants from Central America and Mexico into the U.S. He added that full details would be announced shortly.

Chuckie Schumer’s response does not look good for open borders Democrats. “This is a historic night @realDonaldTrump has announced that he has cut a deal to “greatly reduce or eliminate illegal immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States.”

Chuckie went on “Now that the problem is solved, I’m sure we won’t be hearing any more about it in the future.”

The last part is what he could have and should have left out. The Democrats have done absolutely nothing about the border crisis as a matter of fact they have denied it even exist. In his short tweet Schumer admits that with the border deal a crisis did exist. And he knows damn well that this deal will not end all discussion on the matter. A wall is still needed and we are a long way from solving the border crisis.

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President Trump addresses Crying Chuck Schumer over ‘bluff’ comment, “what a creep”

what a creep


President Trump strikes back at Cryin Chuck Schumer over his comment that Trump is ‘bluffing’ Mexico over tariffs. Trump says “what a creep.” Schumer is more than a creep. The Democrats in their efforts to obstruct everything President Trump does are allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal invaders storm our country.

On Tuesday, Schumer suggested the tariffs were just another sign of Trump’s penchant for political showmanship.

Trump struck back as he usually does on Twitter at Cryin Chuck Schumer.

“Can you imagine Cryin Chuck Schumer saying out loud, for all to hear, that I am bluffing with respect to putting Tariffs on Mexico. What a Creep. He would rather have our Country fail with drugs & immigration than give Republicans a win. But he gave Mexico bad advise., no bluff!

“Frankly, I don’t believe President Trump will actually go through with the tariffs,” Schumer said on the Senate floor.

“President Trump has a habit of talking tough and then retreating, because his policies often … can’t be implemented or don’t make sense,” Schumer added. “So I wouldn’t be surprised at all if President Trump doesn’t follow through on these tariffs, either.”

President Trump announced the tariffs last Thursday in response to Mexico’s inaction in stopping the illegal invaders. The tariffs will start at 5% and increase to as high as 25% on all Mexican products entering the U.S. Mexico could do many things including to stop busing the illegal invaders thru their country.

“On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP,” Trump announced on Twitter. “The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied, at which time the Tariffs will be removed.”

“Mexico must step up and help solve this problem,” Trump added in a separate statement. “For years, Mexico has not treated us fairly — but we are now asserting our rights as a sovereign Nation.”

President Trump made immigration his key campaign promise and Democrats have fought him all along the way. Democrats have proven they hate Trump more than they love the country. They will allow whatever abuse of our country to not allow Trump a victory. Trump is right in his description of Schumer, “what a creep.’

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer rejects Trump judicial nominee based on RACE, what if Republicans pulled this with Obama

Senate Minority Leader










Chuck Schumer Democrat Senate Minority Leader rejected President Trump’s nominee for South Carolina federal judgeship not based on his qualifications but because he is white. Can you imagine if a Republican Senator  rejected one of Obama’s judicial nominees because they were black or heaven forbid Hispanic? There would be demands across the board for his resignation.

The two South Carolina Senators have condemned the decision as well as Representative Trey Gowdy Republican Representative from Spartanburg.

Schumer the New York Democrat and obstructionist of the Senate told the body he Wednesday he would not support Marvin Quattlebaum for the vacancy on the U.S. District court in South Carolina.

Schumer said a vote for Quattlebaum would result in having a white man replace two African American nominees that Barack Hussein Obama put in place.

Schumer said he would not be a part of the Trump administration’s pattern of nominating white men.

“The nomination of Marvin Quattlebaum speaks to the overall lack of diversity in President Trump’s selections for the federal judiciary,” Schumer said.

“It’s long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents,” he continued. “Having a diversity of views and experience on the federal bench is necessary for the equal administration of justice.”

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the Senate’s sole black Republican, pushed back on Schumer’s rationale and urged other Senate Democrats to instead address diversity issues by starting with their offices.

“Perhaps Senate Democrats should be more worried about the lack of diversity on their own staffs than attacking an extremely well-qualified judicial nominee from the great state of South Carolina,” Scott tweeted Thursday morning.

Schumer and other Democrats also argued that Republicans broke with a Judiciary Committee tradition that ultimately left this judicial seat vacant during parts of the Obama administration.

Known as the “blue slip” rule, senators had to submit a blue form voicing their support or disapproval of a judicial nominee from their home state. Schumer said South Carolina’s two Republican senators, however, failed to submit a blue slip for the two judges nominated by Obama.

Quattlebaum was ultimately confirmed Thursday on a 69-28 vote.

A partner in the Greenville office of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, Quattlebaum was president of the South Carolina Bar in 2011-12. As a student at the University of South Carolina’s School of Law, he served on the law review.

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., called Schumer’s vote against Quattlebaum “political correctness run amok.”

The Democrat Senate Minority Leader has proven that he is not a representative of the people. His hatred for President Trump is so strong that even after Trump offered amnesty to 3 times the amount of illegals as Barack Hussein Obama Schumer rejected the offer. Now the poor little DACA illegals will just have to go home to their shithole country.

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Chuck Schumer gives a pitiful denial of voting against a Trump judicial nominee solely on the basis of him being WHITE

  • Chuck Schumer gives a pitiful denial of voting against a Trump judicial nominee solely on the basis of him being white. Chuckie is the poster child for what is wrong in Washington DC. He is a racist and will not admit it. He has used the DACA issue to get votes and cares nothing about the poor little illegals just wants to use them.

Chuck Schumer is Ground Zero of the swamp.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked Schumer about comments he made that seemingly attacked a judicial nominee from President Trump for being white.

“Yeah, that was right-wing radio who never really tells the truth, distorting what I had said,” Schumer answered. “What I said is this — that Barack Obama had nominated, I think as early as 2013, two people for this seat. And our Republican senators from South Carolina blocked them with holding of the blue slip, which has been a tradition.”

“So this seat has been vacant for a long time, the two people nominated were African-Americans, and I said, ‘Now this fella is white, and we need the bench to have real diversity.”

“The president’s record in nominating people of color, even nominating women to the bench, I think the bench should look like America, and I think most Americans agree with that,” he continued. “And the fact they held up two people for so long and now wanted to get their fellow to come in made no sense, and compounding the injury was the lack of diversity on the bench.

Why should a judicial nominee look like America Chuckie? And if you look around especially where you probably live it is probably pretty white. You are a disgrace to Congress and a poster Senator for term limits.

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President Trump trolls Chuck Schumer for changing tune on illegals

changing tune

Today President Trump trolled Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer for changing  tune on illegals entering the US. Democrats have blocked the Presidents efforts at immigration reform and his the funding for a key campaign promise to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out.

Trump fed Schumer’s words back to him from 2009 where under Barack Hussein Obama he had a much different tune on immigration. “People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the U.S. legally. “Chuck Schumer in 2009 before he went left and haywire.

Schumer sang a different tune in January of this year when the Democrats blocked the Presidents efforts at comprehensive immigration reform. Below are Schumer’s remarks in January 2018.

“This plan flies in the face of what most Americans believe,” Schumer said on Twitter. While Trump “finally acknowledged that the Dreamers should be allowed to stay here and become citizens, he uses them as a tool to tear apart our legal immigration system and adopt the wish list that anti-immigration hard-liners have advocated for years.”

The Democrats including Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi changing tune about immigration is no surprise. They have united to block any of President Trump’s legislation and have become the party of obstruction. The Democrats are banking on their stance putting them back in power in November. But siding with MS13 and illegals doesn’t seem like a good stance. In the past they would have gotten away with this but not with Trump he continually points out their foolishness.

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Cryin Chuck Schumer doesn’t want DACA fix, what will Democrats campaign on if DACA is fixed













Democrats do not want DACA fix it is all clear now. “DACA has been made increasingly difficult by the fact that Cryin Chuck Schumer took such a beating over the shutdown that he is unable to act on immigration!”  President Trump tweeted yesterday tightening the noose around the Senate Minority leaders neck.

The President is referring to the beating Schumer and the Democrats took last weekend after the ill advised #SchumerShutdown. White House budget director Mick Mulvaney gave Schumer and the Democrats a huge black eye when he pinned the budget Government shutdown on the Democrats and Schumer in particular. Schumer last Monday caved and gave a three-week extension on budget resolution and DACA fix.

On Tuesday illegal immigrant activist converged on Cryin Chucks New York home protesting the Senators cave on DACA fix. Since Tuesday the news has just gotten worse for Schumer as DACA has been taken off the negotiation for the budget.

Disclaimer this post contains affiliate link. Please see disclaimer for more information


President Trump since has offered a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegals, three times the amount that the Socialist Barack Hussein Obama offered. Cryin Chuck turned the offer down. The number is less than the 3 million (I thought we only had 800,000 illegals) the Democrats wanted but far more than the 690,000 in Obama’s DACA executive order.

White House officials said they felt they had to go that far in order to demand major changes on the security side, including an end to catch-and-release of illegal immigrants snared at the border, faster deportations for those caught overstaying their visas inside the U.S. and $25 billion for President Trump’s wall.

Every day it becomes clearer that Cryin Chuck Schumer and the Democrats do not want a DACA fix. If they receive a DACA fix what will they have to run on in the midterms and 2020? Their platform for the past year has been we hate Trump and think he is an idiot. It is very hard to win an election with nothing positive to run on.

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Chuck Schumer says Trump can BEGIN to show he is not a racist by supporting DACA

Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer appearing on the Late Show (the new late night CNN) said that President Trump could Begin to show that he is not a racist by supporting DACA.

Schumer said Trump’s comments “over and over and over again can be described as nothing but racist and obnoxious. He says he’s not a racist. Well, … I have a challenge for Donald Trump. Okay, actions speak louder than words, if you want to begin, just begin that long road back to proving you’re not a racist, you’re not bigoted, support the bipartisan compromise that three Republicans and three Democrats have put on the floor — everyone gave — and get the DREAMers safety here in America. That’s what he should do.”

Disclaimer this post contains affiliate link. Please see disclaimer for more information


Make no mistake about it DACA is the end game of the entire fake shithole controversy. Weather Trump made the comment or not is irrelevant. Little Dick (I like my nickname better sorry Trump) Durbin was sent to that meeting to bring back some race bait. The Democrats know that black unemployment is at a 45 year low and Trump is gaining black votes. Their only hope for the midterms, 20220 and beyond is illegal voters. And Chuck Schumer, Little Dick Durbin and the Democrats could care less the destruction these people do to the country as long as they stay in power.

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Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Visa program allowed terrorist into US

diversity visa program

Chuck Schumer is very proud of the diversity visa program. What is the diversity visa program. The diversity visa is the program that allowed Sayfullo Saipov into the US. Saipov is a 29 year old Uzbek national that drove into a truck into a bike trail shooting at pedestrians and yelling Allahu Akbar after the attack. This kind of diversity is going to continue to kill Americans until it is stopped.

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Program) makes up to 50,000 immigrant visas available annually, drawn from random selection among all entries to individuals who are from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. The DV Program is administered by the U.S. Department of State (DOS).

Most lottery winners reside outside the United States and immigrate through consular processing and issuance of an immigrant visa. To learn more, visit the U.S Department of State’s website.

Diversity Visa Winners Legally Residing In the United States: Apply Through USCIS

There are, however, a small number of lottery winners each year who, at the time of “winning the lottery,” are residing in the United States in a nonimmigrant or other legal status. For these winners residing inside the United States, USCIS processes adjustment of status applications. The following information applies to winners legally residing in the United States only:

Eligibility Criteria

For an applicant to adjust status under the DV Program, you must establish that you:

  • Have been selected for a diversity visa by DOS’s lottery;
  • Have an immigrant visa immediately available at the time of filing an adjustment application (Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status); and
  • Are admissible to the United States.

The United States under the leadership of Chuck Schumer is allowing the worst of the worst to come into our country through a lottery system.

Schumer is doing his best to divert attention from his failed liberal program that allows undesirable terrorist from countries that hate the US into our country.

Chuck Schumer has the blood of the people that died in this latest attack on his hands. Chuck Schumer is the swamp. The diversity visa program should be eliminated immediately. How can a country remain great when it is actively recruiting undesirables through a diversity visa program sponsored by Chuck Schumer.

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Cocaine Mitch has snappy response for Chuckie Schumer who last week said he was the “grim reaper”

grim reaper


The Democrats are making one of the most boring old dudes in the Republican Party a folk hero. First Don Blankenship the failed West Virginia Senate campaign coined the phrase “Cocaine Mitch” trying to capitalize on a story about a cocaine seizure on a ship owned by McConnell’s father in laws ship. Now McConnell is using it to his advantage even having re-election shirts using the phrase. Now Chuckie Shumer hand delivers “grim reaper.”

Schumer was hoping to paint McConnell as the man that is stopping everything including impeachment investigations in the Senate. Which he is thank God. Yesterday on the floor of the Senate McConnell declared the Mueller witch hunt as “case closed” as far as he is concerned. Meaning the Senate is not going to partake in the foolishness we are seeing in the House right now including Representative Steve Cohen eating KFC in the House Judiciary Committee meeting last week.

Nancy Pelosi had the below response to Cocaine Mitch saying the Mueller witch hunt is “case closed”

“Today on the floor of the [Senate] … Sen. McConnell is reported to be saying, it doesn’t matter if we hear from Mueller — case closed. Case closed? I don’t think so,” Pelosi said. “But it is that same mentality that is just not about doing the right — getting results for the American people, but it is who he is.”

“That’s just not a fact. The case is not closed.”

With the House putting forth ideas such as 93 trillion dollar Green New Deal which regulates cow farts and wants to rebuild every building in America the Senate needs to  be the “grim reaper.” It is called checks and balances.

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Chuckie Schumer agrees with President Trump on one issue…. China Trade urges Trump to hang tough

China trade


Senator Chuckie Schumer agrees with President Trump on almost nothing. For sure he and Nancy Pelosi do not agree on immigration. One could never forget the stone cold image of the two stiffs standing side by side and issuing their rebuttal to Trumps immigration speech. The one issue and the only issue Chuckie agrees with the President on is China Trade.

President Trump has said China has been screwing the United States for many years. He went to Twitter today to threaten new tariffs on China.

“The United States has been losing, for many years, 600 to 800 Billion Dollars a year on Trade. With China we lose 500 Billion Dollars. Sorry, we’re not going to be doing that anymore.!”

President Trump has said as of this Friday tariffs on 200 billion dollars of China goods will go from 10% to 25%. President Trump has made it clear with China Trade as well as new Trade deals with Mexico and Canada the United States is no longer the worlds sucker.

Chuckie agrees on China Trade. Every other Schumer tweet today is mocking Trump for one thing or another but on China he has this to say.

“Hang tough on China, President @realDonaldTrump.Don’t back down.”

He went on to say “Strength is the only way to win with China.”

Bipartisanship used to be something Democrats preached all of the time. Especially when they were in power and wanted help passing their liberal agenda. All Chuckie Schumer agrees with Trump on is China Trade. Seems curious why does he have such a hard on for China?

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If Chuck won’t let us Dream we won’t let him sleep says radical group protesting DACA at Schumers home

George Soros funded

George Soros funded group United we Dream brought the protest to Chuck Schumers New York home. Chuck is on the wrong side of an issue with a bunch of thugs similar to black lives matter and Antifa. The problem is this has become the Democrat base and they expect amnesty. Chuck is not going to get amnesty.


Disclaimer this post contains affiliate link. Please see disclaimer for more information


United we Dream posted the below statement on their website concerning the New York protest.

Our community is outraged by the Senate vote to pass a temporary budget deal with no solution for Dreamers. Instead of holding firm for Dreamers, Senator Schumer and most Senate Democrats backed down from their commitment to stand up for our communities.

Join us outside Senator Schumer’s house to remind him: Our lives are on the line, Chuck! We need a clean Dream Act Now–not in three weeks. Now. 122 Dreamers will continue to lose their status every day, potentially losing their jobs and being put at risk of deportation. Congress can’t continue to push the lives of 800,000 youth and their families aside. Dreamers are tired of empty promises and need a legislative solution NOW!

It is past time for Senator Schumer to use his political power in Congress as the minority leader and finally bring home a clean #DreamActNow for undocumented youth, without compromising the future of their families by funding a racist wall and increased border security measures that only tear families apart.

If Chuckie and the Democrats want to let the mid-term elections rest on protecting a bunch of illegals we should let them. With 81% of American people wanting less immigration of all types they are on the losing side of this issue.

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Do Nothing Chuck and Nancy criticize Trumps border deal Pelosi “nothing but threats and temper tantrums”

threats and temper tantrums


The Democrats have been in control of the House of Representatives since January. Can anybody list their accomplishments for me please? They have done absolutely nothing but obstruct President Trump and open new investigations. Now that Trump has a deal with Mexico to curb the flow of illegal invaders from Mexico. The Botox drunk says the deal is nothing but threats and temper tantrums.

“President Trump undermined America’s preeminent leadership role in the world by recklessly threatening to impose tariffs on our close friend and neighbor to the south,” she said in a statement.

“Threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy,” she said

Trump announced a deal with Mexico to stop the flow of illegal invaders Friday after threatening tariffs starting at 5% and rising as high as 25%. Democrats and the press sent out a doomsday prediction that the tariffs were going to wreck the economy and zero out any benefit from the Republicans tax cut last year.

Trump pulled out the Art of the Deal which Pelosi calls threats and temper tantrums. As the deadline approached for the tariffs to take effect Mexico came rushing to Washington and a deal was made.

According to Trump, Mexico’s government agreed to strengthen border security efforts to stem the unchecked flow of migrants from Central America and Mexico into the U.S. He added that full details would be announced shortly.

Chuckie Schumer immediately went to Twitter to slam the deal.

“This is a historic night @realDonaldTrump has announced that he has cut a deal to “greatly reduce or eliminate illegal immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States.”

Chuckie went on “Now that the problem is solved, I’m sure we won’t be hearing any more about it in the future.”

Pelosi stole the threats and temper tantrums line from Chuckie as this is what he had said after the infamous White House meeting to solve the Government Shutdown. Nervous Nancy must be taking clues from the lead plagiarist Creepy Joe Biden.

The Democrats have done nothing about the border crisis. In his tweet yesterday at least Schumer admitted there is a crisis. Still Pelosi and Schumer think Trumps deal making and bringing Countries to the negotiating table is threats and temper tantrums. It’s better than bowing to the worlds thugs and dictators.

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President Trump tells Pelosi and Schumer where they can shove their investigations, not involved in cover-up




President Trump had a scheduled meeting with Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer today presumably to discuss infrastructure. The meeting was cut short as Trump told the smug Democrats to shove their investigations and impossible to negotiate with them while Pelosi is telling everyone who will listen Trump is involved in a cover-up.

“I came here for a meeting with Democrats, not thinking that they wanted to do infrastructure or anything else other than investigate,” Trump opened his remarks. “Nancy Pelosi, just before our meeting, made a statement that we believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover up.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I walked into the room and told Sen. Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, ‘I want to do infrastructure, I want to do it more than you want to do it. I would be really good at that. That’s what I do. But you know what? You can’t do it under these circumstances. So get these phony investigations over with,’” Trump continued.

Nancy Pelosi is fighting with her own caucus who is full of radicals including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Adam Schiff and Crazy Maxine Waters who keep screaming for impeachment of President Trump.

The Democrats met last night and radical Crazy Maxine made her push for impeachment while Nancy Pelosi sat quietly. Pelosi then brought up the cover-up narrative after the meeting.

Pelosi told reporters after the meeting that House Democrats should continue with their step-by-step investigative approach even though Trump is engaged in a “cover up,” a line she had used privately with her leadership team early this week.

President Trump has made it clear he is not involved in a cover-up because there was nothing to cover-up. The deep state coup attempt named the Mueller investigation was started based upon fake information the Steele dossier that Democrats knew was fake. They also knew when they got FISA warrants with the phony pee dossier that  it was bought and paid for by Crooked Hillary.

What the Democrats are doing right now is a cover-up of their phony investigation that Attorney General Barr has vowed to get to the bottom of. They know he is getting close to exposing the rats in Obama’s DOJ and they simply cannot let that happen.

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Chuck and Nancy got some bad advise should let this visual go…..

bad advise



NancyPelosi and Chuck Schumer must have gotten some more bad advise. They appeared in a skit on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. On the eve of President Trumps State of the Union address Nancy and Chuck bring back to our memories the horrible optics of their response.

Nancy Pelosi has made clear her position on wall funding and probably any policy President Trump wants to put forward. She is going to obstruct the President and block him from any success in the House. And Chuck Schumer has made it clear he will not tolerate any support in the Democrat party. The last State of the Union

Nancy Pelosi has gotten bad advise because she is following the leadership of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar the most radical of the Freshman Representatives. She knows her leadership hangs in the balance of her being at least as radical as the flavor of the month Socialist.

Nancy and Chuck got some very bad advise to make this Late Show skit. They should let the optics of their response fade and go away.

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The left thinks Pelosi and Schumer tricked Trump into accepting Government shutdown, watch the tape Trump owned them

Government shutdown



Liberal outlets all over the web are trying to save Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s pride and dignity after President Trump wiped the floor with them yesterday. Trump invited them to the White House to discuss the impending Government shutdown.

A while later Pelosi and Schumer left with their tails between their legs with Chuck saying a “temper tantrum” is not going to get Trump the wall. And Nancy babbling  about getting peed on by a skunk and Trump making a “manhood issue” out of border security.

Vox is just one of the liberal sites today that is carrying Pelosi and Schumers water and saying they tricked the President into accepting responsibility for a Government shutdown.

One member, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) once told Vox Pelosi cannot ever be underestimated: “I think Nancy Pelosi is one of the smartest people in Congress. I think she’s almost like a shark; I don’t think she sleeps. She is as tough as they come.”

It was clear Pelosi and Schumer were blindsided and out of their league in the negotiation with Trump over border security and a possible government shutdown. But the leftist at Vox want us to believe that Pelosi and Schumer had a sit down the night before the Trump beat down to strategize on how to trick him.

“I don’t think that was necessarily their plan going in,” the aide said. “They didn’t know it’s all going to be televised, they saw it was an opportunity to nudge him to jump. He totally went for it.”

Watch the meeting in the video above. Who seems in control? Who seems uncomfortable? Pelosi and Schumer took a beat down from President Trump and now the liberal press has to save their pride by saying they tricked him into accepting blame for a possible Government shutdown. No he made them on camera once again tell the American people they could care less about border security.

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Chuck Grassley seriously pissed says the Headquarters for the RESISTANCE right here on Capital Hill


The Democrats have awakened a sleeping giant with the slandering of Brett Kavanaugh. Chuck Grassley is seriously pissed. Mitch McConnell is seriously pissed and Republican voters are Seriously pissed. Grassley is falling just a little short of naming names but pointed out that the RESISTANCE is headquartered right here on Capital Hill.

President Trump also pointed out today in a tweet that the paid protesters are more than likely bought and paid for by radical leftist George Soros.

The RESISTANCE that had Grassley so pissed off is with Maxine Waters, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.

Here is what Representative Maxine Waters CA said in Los Angeles in June. “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Senator Cory Booker Democrat NJ also appears to be leading the RESISTANCE. In July Booker said  “Please don’t just come here today and then go home,” Booker told supporters at the National Conference on Ending Homelessness. “Go to the Hill today. Get up and, please, get up in the face of some congresspeople.”

California Senator Kamala Harris who also has 2020 Presidential aspirations led the resistance last year calling Presidential chief of staff John Kelly as home to harass about an issue.

“Why are you calling me at home?” asked Kelly, a retired four-star general, Harris later recounted. “I said: ‘Because these families are there and there’s a stay that just got issued. So you need to let them go.’”

The Democrats are behind the resistance. If we had an honest press it would be revealed that they were behind recruiting Christine Blasey Ford to make unsubstantiated charges against Brett Kavanaugh. The best friend of Ford Leland Keyser now says she was pressured to change her testimony that she cannot recall the events Ford laid out to destroy Kavanaugh.

The RESISTANCE is at ground zero on Capital Hill and it is high time Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell got pissed off about it.

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Senator Joe Manchin says he is open to supporting Trump in 2020, this time he may get more than a nasty look from Chuckie

Joe Manchin

Senator Joe Manchin says he is open to supporting President Trump in 2020. If you remember Manchin is the Democrat Senator that tried to stand and got stared down by Chuck Schumer and sat back down.

“I’m open to supporting the person who I think is best for my country and my state,” Manchin told Politico insisting that he would support any candidate from either party. “If his policies are best, I’ll be right there.”

“I’m with him sometimes more than other Republican senators are with him,” he added. “Washington Democrats are making it more difficult for me to be a West Virginia Democrat.”


Manchin faces a tough race in November against his GOP opponent, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. Unlike other vulnerable Democrats, Manchin has shown public willingness to side with Trump at times.

Trump mocked Manchin behind closed doors in a meeting with Senate Republicans for excessively trying to hug him.

“We just kind of do the man-bump type thing. That’s it. And I think he’s pulling me as much as I’m pulling him,” Manchin said of his relationship with Trump.

Joe Manchin did eventually relent and stand a couple of times for the State of the Union and took unbelievable heat from his Democrat colleagues. He explained that is the way people from West Virginia act.

“That’s the way I was raised in West Virginia. We have respect. There is civility still yet,” he explained. “There should be civility in this place. That’s disrespectful. Last night was disrespectful.”

This is the way Democrats used to act when Republicans were in power. They may not agree with each other but they are respectful. It will be very interesting to see if Manchin will follow through and actually support Trump in 2020 or if this is a campaign ploy as he is facing a tough contest for re-election.

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Tax cut, Obamacare mandate dead, ANWR drilling and Chuck and Nancy are pissed


The Senate passed the “tax cuts and jobs act” early Wednesday with party line 51-48 vote. With John McCain not making the vote while recovering from chemo treatment. Keep the party line vote in mind when this tax cut turbo charges an already skyrocketing economy. Not one single Democrat voted for this bill. They can scream tax cuts for the rich all they want but the proof will be in the economy. It was king Democrat Bill Clinton that said “it’s the economy stupid.”

The House passed the bill on Tuesday, by 227 votes to 203. The Senate parliamentarian challenged three of its provisions, however, saying that they cannot be passed under the fast-track reconciliation procedure Republicans are using to avoid a Democratic filibuster. The House must pass the bill again Wednesday, with the offending measures removed.

The tax cuts are as follows. The top tax rate falls from 39.6% to 37%, while the 33% bracket would fall to 32%, the 28% bracket to 24%, the 25% bracket to 22%, and the 15% bracket to 12%. The lowest bracket would remain at 10%, and the 35% bracket would also be unchanged. Tax cuts for the rich is what Democrats will tell you. But this is their line every time tax cuts are enacted by a Republican administration.

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What else is in the bill? Killing the unconstitutional Obamacare mandate which essentially kills Obamacare. The Republicans just did what John Roberts didn’t have the balls to do. The Democrats will say millions of Americans will now be without health insurance. But what they fail to point out is that they were young people who did not want to buy insurance anyway.

My wife and I will benefit from this provision. We are without health insurance (long story). The insurance on the Obamacare program is far too expensive and provides practically no coverage. It is cheaper for us to pay the penalty than to buy the crappy insurance. But now we will not have to pay the unconstitutional Obamacare mandate penalty.

Lastly something not mentioned much about the tax bill passage is drilling in ANWR. Lifting a 40-year-old ban on energy development in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but drilling for oil in that frozen wilderness may still be years away as the effort faces exhaustive environmental reviews and likely lawsuits.

It will take longer for the drilling in Alaska to take place as liberal groups will surely institute lawsuits that will delay the process. But finally we have a President that is willing to at least start that battle.

The last win in the tax bill is how pissed the Democrats are, especially Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They sound like a broken record. Tax cuts for the rich, tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. If that is the case they should be pretty happy as members of Congress they are among the wealthiest Americans. Pelosi herself is a multimillionaire.  This bill is a win,win,win,win for Republicans and President Trump. This is what has Nancy and Chuckie so pissed.

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Top Democratic leaders “Chuck and Nancy” pull out of budget meeting with Trump, so what

Democratic leaders

Top Democratic leaders in Congress have abruptly pulled out of a planned meeting with President Donald Trump after he attacked them on Twitter. According to AP the Democrats did not have time to waste. The fact of the matter is Democrats are not going to work with Trump under any circumstances.


Trump tweeted early Tuesday that “I don’t see a deal!” with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi.


Schumer and Pelosi are shooting back with a statement asking for talks with top GOP leaders in Congress.

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They said, “given that the president doesn’t see a deal between Democrats and the White House, we believe the best path forward is to continue negotiating with our Republican counterparts in Congress instead.”


Congress faces a Dec. 8 deadline to pass stopgap legislation to keep the government open.

They added, “we don’t have any time to waste.”

President Donald Trump is casting doubt on whether he and congressional leaders can agree to keep the government-funded.

Trump is meeting with Democratic and Republican congressional leaders at the White House on Tuesday to discuss budget and immigration issues.

But, in a tweet, Trump cast doubt on whether they can agree to fund the government beyond a Dec. 8 deadline.

Says Trump: “I don’t see a deal!”

Trump says Democrats “want illegal immigrants flooding into our Country unchecked, are weak on Crime and want to substantially RAISE Taxes.”

Trump also portrays the meeting as being with Democrats “Chuck and Nancy.” Those are Trump’s nicknames for Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Republican leaders — House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — are also attending the meeting.

President Donald Trump is heading to Capitol Hill to rally Senate Republicans on taxes. Then he’ll pivot to negotiations with Democratic leaders  pressing for victories of their own in a separate, high-stakes showdown over the budget and immigration.

After 10 months in office, Trump is still seeking his first marquee win in Congress, but the White House and GOP leaders have work to do to get their tax bill in shape for a vote later this week. Party deficit hawks pressed for a “backstop” mechanism to limit the risk of a spiral in the deficit.

On a separate track is a multi-layered negotiation over a huge Pentagon budget increase sought by Trump and Republicans and increases for domestic programs demanded by Democrats.

Trump is the one wasting his time working with Democratic leaders. The Democrats and John McCain are doing their best to derail the Trump agenda. The reason he does not have legislative victories in 10 months are Democrat obstruction and John McCain, it’s that simple.

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Senate Democrats say illegal Invaders have earned the right to anmesty and American citizenship

Senate Democrats


According to Breitbart a group of Senate Democrats say illegal invaders have earned the right to amnesty and American citizenship. The group is led by Diane Feinstein who had a Chinese spy as her chauffeur  for like 20 years so it is understandable she would want illegals with citizenship.

“The Senate needs to follow the House’s lead and pass these important protections for immigrant families who have been living and working in the United States for decades,” Feinstein said. “After fleeing wars and natural disasters, these families have established deep roots in our communities and earned the right to remain together here in the United States.”

It is clear Senate Democrats are not happy after President Trump struck a deal with Mexico to halt the flood of illegal immigrants into the United States. Democrats have blocked the path to any effort by the President to slow down the illegal invasion at our Southern border.

Nancy Pelosi said that the President thinks using threats and temper tantrums is going to solve the border crisis. But before she hadn’t even admitted it was a crisis. Chuckie Schumer has done the same thing.

Now a group of 7 House Democrats as well as seven House so called Republicans have introduced a bill to give full blown amnesty to almost a half million illegal invaders because they deserve it.

Check out the reason these Senate Democrats believe the illegal invaders deserve amnesty. In a statement from Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland. Cardin says the United States is obligated to let these people from shithole countries that entered our country illegally citizenship.

“These individuals have lawfully lived and worked in the U.S. as our neighbors, as they sought refuge in the U.S. We have an obligation to take action and give needed predictability and safety to people who are in an uncertain status. We need to stand up for the American values of compassion and diversity that have made this country stronger.”

So because they have apparently been lawfully living as our neighbors we have an obligation to give them citizenship. This is why I say Liberalism is a freaking mental disorder.

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