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Crazy Bernie Sanders already blaming NRA for Virginia Beach shooting gun grabbers have no shame

Virginia Beach shooting



Crazy Bernie Sanders wasted no time in blaming the NRA for the Virginia Beach Shooting. In typical Socialist/Communist tradition they have to take your guns away before they can start taking your stuff.

A terrible tragedy occurred yesterday in the Virginia Beach shooting. A mentally deranged man could not separate his job and losing it from his bitterness and anger and went on a rampage. One man who is mentally unstable couldn’t control his anger and killed 12 people and injured many others. That is the story so far because that is all we know. I am not going to mention the douchbags name because most of these guys want publicity.

Unfortunately this time there was not a good guy with a gun waiting for the gunman at the Virginia Beach Municipal Building. Crazy Bernie who is getting slaughtered and never had a chance with the Democrat fix in again in the polls couldn’t resist turning to Twitter to make Virginia Beach shooting about the NRA. Even though he knows very little about the shooting at this point.

Crazy Bernie says “Jane and I are grieving for the victims in Virginia Beach and theirĀ  families.” Ok Great stop their you old freaking Socialist. But now the near 80 year old fan of Soviet Bread lines goes on.

“The days of the NRA controlling Congress and writing our gun laws must end.Congress must listen to the American people and pass gun safety legislation. This sickening gun violence must stop.

Representative Ilhan Omar the Jew hating Muslim must have gotten the same memo. But where were these Democrats after the Memorial Day weekend where violence in Chicago where 43 people were shot and 7 killed? I guess they can’t talk about the NRA in Chicago because it is a liberal ran cesspool with huge gun restrictions. Proving bad guys with guns always find a way to get a gun. We have to arm good guys to stop these mentally deranged lunatics from committing mass murder.

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