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D-Day Veteran flirts with Melania, Trumps response is priceless

veteran flirts with Melania


No mistake about it today was a home run for President Trump. His D-Day speech was according to Mike Huckabee, Jim Acosta and Joe Scarbourough his best ever. Yea you heard it right CNN’s Jim Acosta and MSNBC Morning Joe praised President Trump. To top the day off a D-Day veteran flirts with Melania and Trumps response was priceless.

According to the Daily Caller Thomas Cuthbert, a 93 year old Veteran being honored at the 75th anniversary of the invasion at Normandy got a little excited meeting the elegant (nice to have one again) First lady.

“It’s my honor, believe me, thank you very much,” the president said as he shook Cuthbert’s hand. “We fought well together.”

Cuthbert nodded toward Melania, asking, “And this is your wife?”

Trump said yes, to which Cuthbert replied, “If only I was 20 years younger.”

Melania laughed as Trump responded with a smile, “You can handle it, no question about that.”

For those that have said President Trump is not Presidential some kind of Ogar. Or as Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday she wanted to see Trump in Prison. Trump’s response when Veteran flirts with Melania defines the man. He is genuine, confident in his abilities and his self worth. He was so Presidential today the Democrats may not recover.

Even CNN Jim Acosta and MSNBC Morning Joe had to compliment the President after his D-Day speech saying it was his best ever. The President’s response to the WWII Veteran flirting with Melania was absolutely priceless.

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