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Fear rages over the cost of Avocado’s if Trump imposes tariffs as Mexicans begin acting on border crisis

Trump imposes tariffs


Monday Trump imposes tariffs of 5% then rising if Mexico continues to do nothing about the border crisis.

As 144,000 illegal invaders were stopped at our Southern border in May alone and over 1 million are expected this year. The fake news press is trying to enrage fear over the cost of avocado’s, beer tequila surprised we haven’t heard about cilantro. Oh no avocado and cilantro tariffs are going to wipe out your tax cut.

That is what they want you to think. What is really wiping out your tax cut is the cost of housing, feeding, flying (without TSA cavity search), and every other expense to take care of the illegal invaders. And heaven forbid one of the illegal invaders from shithole countries comes here and dies. Then all hell breaks loose.

Meanwhile Mexico is actually acting on President Trump imposes tariffs.Mexico has offered to send 6,000 troops to it’s border with Guatemala. The illegal invaders would have to seek asylum in the first country after leaving their shithole country. Meaning Guatemala would have to seek asylum in Mexico. Those from El Salvador and Venezuela would have to seek asylum in Guatemala.

That should stop them because those countries are not much better than theirs. Mexico says there is no deal if we impose tariffs.

Trump has hit a nerve with Mexico. Yea Californians will have to pay more for their avocado toast. But Mexico will be in danger of losing industry. And their economy is nowhere near as robust as the U.S. economy. Prices could go up 60% on your avocados. I think Americans can absorb the cost. What we cannot absorb is a freaking 1 million illegal invaders per year that have no intention of assimilating and becoming Americans.

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