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Teen Vogue encourages young girls to get abortions without parents consent

teen vogue


According to the Daily Wire Teen Vogue is advising 16 year old girls on how to get an abortion without their parents consent.

As I say several times daily. Liberalism is a Mental disorder.

In the article Nora Willis Aronowitz instructs a 16 year old girl how to get an abortion without her Christian parents consent.

“It’s only logical that if teens are mature enough to become parents, they are mature enough to decide whether or not they want to give birth,” Arnowitz says in the article.

“Having access to abortion should be your right, regardless of your parents’ beliefs.”

As to what the 16-year-old should do if she lives in a state that does not permit minors to get an abortion without parental consent, Arnowitz advises that she tell her parents about the pregnancy outright in hope that it will scare them into going the abortion route.

Arnowitz argues that pro-lifers often become proven hypocrites in these scenarios. She even quotes an Alabama abortionist who performed the procedure on a pro-life witness.

“One thing I’ve learned while researching and reporting on these issues is that supposedly anti-abortion Americans often get abortions,” says Arnowitz. “They often help their children procure abortions. You know those activists who stand outside clinics holding signs adorned with Bible verses and pictures of fetuses? Even they sometimes get abortions.”

Democrats have pushed for infanticide and this week Republican Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed legislation allowing abortion until birth. Liberalism is a mental disorder and there is a special place in hell for these creeps.

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