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Sarah Sanders leaving the White House remembering Ft. Wayne rally, Sanders takes jab at media

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Sarah Sanders is leaving the White House and will be returning to Arkansas Trump announced on Twitter. Makes me remember a Trump rally I attended in Fort Wayne Indiana last fall that Sanders and Kellyanne Conway also attended.

“Thank you Indiana. You’ll have to forgive Kellyanne and I, we’re maybe a little speechless. We’re not used to friendly crowds,” Sanders told the raucous, 13,000-person crowd at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.

It is unusual for Sanders and Conway to speak at Trumps rallies. He also called his daughter Ivanka on stage to speak.

Perhaps Trump is alluding to Sarah Sanders future ambitions when he says he hopes she runs for the Governor of Arkansas.

Stood in line 6 hours for seat in 13,000 seat Ft. Wayne Colosseum













Sanders touted the accomplishments of the President and said working for Trump was“one of the greatest honors of my lifetime.

Conway wasted no time in directly attacking Braun’s opponent, Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.), and also sought to emphasize that she was appearing in a “personal capacity” before laying into Braun’s opponent, Sen. Joe Donnelly (D). She was also careful to avoid mentioning her role as a White House staffer.

“Let me just say in my personal capacity, because this election is very personal to me, Joe must go,” Conway said. “Get him out.”

Sarah Sanders has been one of the best press secretaries and like Trump she takes no crap from the press. She has regularly slapped down CNN Jim Acosta. The energy at the Trump Ft. Wayne rally was unreal. I personally waited beginning in line at 11:40 for a 6:30 event and I would do it again. It was a once in a lifetime event. It was clear the crowd loved President Trump.

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