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Crazy Bernie afraid Creepy Joe will be a repeat of Hillary, “no energy or excitement

no energy or excitement


Does anybody else find it ironic that 77 year old Crazy Bernie Sanders the crusty old Socialist is saying SleepyCreepy Joe Biden has “no energy or excitement”? The Socialist who lost in a rigged election in 2016 to Crooked Hillary Clinton said over the weekend Biden could be Hillary 2.0.Ouch

According to Breitbart this is what the old Socialist said regarding Biden who has taken a commanding lead on not only Crazy Bernie but the rest of the loser democrat 2020 field.

“I fear that it could be, I really do. I fear that you would have a campaign without a lot of energy and excitement,” Sanders replied, according to a Sunday RealClearPolitics transcript. “Could Joe beat Trump? Yeah, I think he could. I’m not saying he can’t. But I think we don’t want to make the same mistake that we made last time. And sometimes this is where the establishment talks to itself.

Crazy Bernie thinks the conventional wisdom that Creepy Joe Biden is the best suited Democrat is wrong because of his support for NAFTA, China trade deals and the Iraq war.

“And why do I think we can do a good job in defeating Trump? Because in the issues that Trump beat Hillary Clinton on–trade, you go to the Midwest and say, ‘I voted for NAFTA, I voted for permanent normalized trade relations with China.’ Which is what Joe Biden did, you think that’s going to resonate terribly well in the Midwest? I don’t think it will. I lead the opposition against those disastrous trade agreements,” Sanders said. “You think going around the country and telling people, ‘I voted for the war in Iraq,’ which is what joe did. Think that’s going to resonate well with people? I don’t think so. It was probably the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of this country. I led the opposition to the war in Iraq. For those reasons, nationally and especially in the battleground states, we are the campaign that could rally young people, working people, people of color, to win this election.”

Crazy Bernie is right SleepyCreepy Joe Biden has no energy or excitement. He keeps taking breaks from the campaign recently taking a 10 day break. He may be able to beat the 77 year old Socialist and the rest of the 2020 losers taking breaks. But President Trump does not take breaks and is a high energy individual. He will be brutal to SleepyCreepy Joe Biden.

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