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TSA allows newly arrived illegal invaders to fly undocumented and without molestation

Newly arrived illegal


TSA is allowing newly arrived illegal invaders to fly undocumented and without being molested by a former mall cop. No taking off your belt, shoes, hat, emptying your briefcase, pouring out your water, shampoo answering ridiculous questions or being berated by Barney Fife. None of that the newly arrived illegal invaders get the red carpet treatment.

The TSA has allowed newly arrived illegal invaders to board domestic flights at airports near the border without any of the 15 forms of identification it legally requires for all other passengers, according to sources at the Department of Homeland Security who spoke to the Washington Examiner. The unofficial practice began in December as the numbers of migrants released from federal custody began to snowball, and the agency has avoided addressing the flood of new releases with permanent policy changes thus far.

So no child rape from pedophiles as in the video below.

No cavity searches of women with breast cancer as below.

A TSA spokesperson initially confirmed the report to the Examiner, explaining that migrants were permitted to board using the ‘Notice to Appear’ they receive from Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) after passing the ‘credible fear’ screening all asylum seekers undergo as ID. The agency reasoned that such migrants would have been subjected to background checks by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and/or CIS.

The Notice to appear is something that many newly arrived illegal invaders simply disregard. So the illegal invaders are able to just pass through TSA. TSA tried to pull off a lie and say that the newly arrived illegal invaders could use their CIS employment card but they aren’t eligible to receive one until being in the United States for 180 days. So they pass through with no documentation, no molestation, no cavity searches.

Let me just conclude by saying the TSA is a freaking joke. They always have been. We are no safer than the days when there was a very simple search. If we really wanted to be safe we would adopt Israeli tactics. They profile and question the hell out of anyone that is suspicious. A breast cancer patient, little old lady or young boy are not suspicious. They are pervert victims.

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