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Ilhan Omar committed tax fraud in 2014 better be talking to The Reverend Al

tax fraud


Ihhan Omar committed tax fraud in 2014 by filing jointly with her future husband before they were married. Omar better be booking an appointment with The Reverend Al Sharpton because it seems only Democrats get away with tax fraud.

Omar filed her taxes jointly in 2014 and 2015 before being married to Ahmed Hirsi, her current husband.

The Muslim Freshman Anti-Semetic Representative. had originally married Hirsi in a religious ceremony in 2002, but the couple separated in 2008. Omar then legally married another man, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, in 2009. The two divorced according to their faith tradition in 2011, but Omar did not legally end the divorce until 2017.

Omar got back together with Hirsi, her first husband, in 2012 but they were not legally married and eligible to file taxes together until 2018.

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA made a good point on Twitter of Democrat privilege. This applies in tax fraud, destroying 30,000 emails and getting oral sex in the oval office. It does not apply to Donald Trump for anything.

Kirk says “Democrat privilege;Ilhan Omar was found guilty of six campaign finance law violations and was only given a $500 fine. I can remember when President Trump was simply accused of campaign finance violations and Democrats began calling for impeachment.

Democrats and Omar have raised the roof on the impeach talk this week with Nancy Pelosi trying her best to hold them off. Pelosi tried to throw them a bone by calling for Trump to go to prison. Perhaps Omar and The Reverand Al will someday go to prison for their real tax fraud.

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