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GQ promotes Fathers Day with the “Feminist Dad’s Checklist” give me a break

Feminist dad's checklist


GQ Magazine promotes Fathers Day with the “Feminist Dad’s Checklist. I am fully pissed now.

I have been bitching to my wife and daughters for years about the pussification of men. Of course I get nowhere. My main beef is the freaking month of breast cancer awareness of the NFL and the players and coaches are dressed like fairy princesses.

I know, I know, I know breast cancer is a big deal and I would be heartbroken if my wife or one of my daughters got it. But can’t the players just write a damn check? Anyway GQ Magazine a freaking liberal rag showing metrosexuals and homosexuals how to dress has come out with The Feminist Dad’s checklist.

The list is part of a new book by Madeleine Davies and Tara Jacoby The Father of All Dad Guides: From A(doring) to Z(addy).

The writers say of all the male species on earth the one that needs the most attention is the male dad.

Congrats to the Feminist Dad, who embraces that women are people and deserving of respect and equality by teaching his children—regardless of their gender—that the sociopolitical struggles of women should be the sociopolitical struggles of everyone.

A Feminist Checklist for New Dads of Daughters

  • Gender-neutral color scheme (try yellow!) for clothes and room décor
  • Actually, strike that. Girls can wear blue and boys can wear pink because gender is a social construct!
  • Actually, strike that. Girls can wear pink because there’s nothing demeaning about overt displays of femininity.
  • Also it’s infantilizing to call her a “girl,” even if she is a literal infant. Call her “Womyn-to-Be.”
  • Then again, she might not grow up to identify as a woman, so don’t put that label on her either. Just call her by her name!
  • Speaking of names, may we recommend something gender-neutral, like Sydney, Alex, or Glorp?
  • Then again, why do names have genders to begin with? Call her what you want.
  • By which we mean “call her what SHE wants,” because it’s very important to instill agency in your daughter so she’ll grow to understand the power of choice.
  • Instead of the usual bedside stories, mix things up with some light feminist theory, like that of Germaine Greer.

Give me a freaking break.

Other suggestions include.

  • Have a panic attack.
  • Rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Go out in the middle of the night and scream your fears for your daughter at the moon until your voice is gone and you collapse on the ground.
  • Wake up in the woods. Notice the strange markings you’ve made on your own body with mud while blacked out.
  • Find out that these markings are not random, but primitive symbols of witchcraft. Copy them carefully on a scrap of notebook paper

I can’t take it anymore. I am so glad I am getting up there in age and do not have to deal with the results of political correctness on society. Liberals will not rest until they have totally destroyed manhood. The Feminist dad’s checklist is just the latest assault on manhood.

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