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Donna Brazile continues the hoax says Russia the reason Crooked Hillary lost the rigged election

rigged election



Donna Brazile the latest liberal to be added to Fox News to try to drag them to the edge of bankruptcy just like the Communist News Network and MSNBC took to the network to push forward the Russia hoax as THE reason Crooked Hillary lost her rigged election.

According to the Daily Caller Brazile said Saturday morning that the reason Crooked Hillary is not President is the fact that“the country was attacked and she was the main victim of that attack.”

Well the former interim chair of the Democrat National Committee has one thing correct. The country was attacked. It was by the Obama DOJ in the Mueller coup attempt. And as William  Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham get closer to the Genesis of the Mueller investigation the rats are scurrying and continue to protect Crooked Hillary for losing her rigged election.

Brazile was being questioned about the irony of Crooked Hillary Clinton speaking at a Cyber Security summit since she is known to have deleted emails, scrubbed servers and smashed cell phones to cover up her use of her private server to pass classified information.

Crooked Hillary never had to worry about being prosecuted for her abuse of her email server since former (thank God) FBI Director James Comey exonerated the former (thank God) Secretary of State Crooked Hillary.

“The reason she’s not in the White House today is the country was attacked and she was the main victim of that attack,” she said.

Fox & Friends Cohost Jedediah Bila challenged Brazile, saying, “A lot of voters feel she’s not in the White House because she lied about sending emails over an insecure server. She missed whole states, she decided not to go …

“I agree there are reasons,” Brazile conceded. “Number 2, number 3, one of those three is the Russians attacked the United States of America.”

Donna Brazile has been a chief Democrat strategist. She has to know better than Russia cost Crooked Hillary the rigged election. The Democrats could really do themselves a big favor to face the reality that Crooked Hillary Clinton was an awful candidate. She did not even go to at least three key states. And she is an evil bitch that nobody likes.

President Trump was right in the second debate when he told the former (thank God) Secretary of State “you are a nasty, nasty woman.”

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