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Researchers say Dodgeball is “oppressive and dehumanizes people” poor snowflakes




Poor snowflakes researchers now say that dodgeball is “oppressive and dehumanizes people” . Now if it hasn’t already happened every grade school in America will get rid of their dodgeballs.

I played as a child and at times with youth groups I have worked with and I am not very good at dodgeball. But if have never felt oppressed or dehumanized. I felt like I was huge and rather slow but my size made me better at football. I just suck at dodgeball.

According to the Independent attempt the game in which two teams try to nail each other with a ball is an attempt to “out” the others’ teammates, teaches students to dehumanize and harm their peers, according to professors from three Canadian universities in a presentation at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Vancouver last week.

Researchers interviewed students that hated dodgeball and began matching the answers with a 1990 article by Iris Young titled The five faces of oppression.

Ms Young names those faces as exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence, the latter of which oppresses when “members of a group of lower standing know they may be subject to random, unprovoked attacks.”

According to Joy Butler, a professor who studies pedagogy and curriculum development at the University of British Columbia, those five traits matched up with some of the underlying messages students communicated to researchers.

“The message is that it’s okay to hurt or dehumanize the ‘other,’”  Ms Butlers said in an interview with The Washington Post. “The competition is about annihilating one’s opponent, and the true definition of competition is between two evenly matched teams. Well, kids stack their teams, and they really enjoy beating the other team. What’s the enjoyment of that?”

Of course the researchers hope the study forces physical education programs to re-evaluate using dodgeball in their programs. Liberals are going to take all of the fun out of children’s lives and just push them into more video games.

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