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D-Day invasion tribute to true WWII hero my Grandfather James Theron Brackett

D-Day invasion


With the celebration of the 75th anniversary of World War II D-Day invasion I am reminded of so many that sacrificed for the freedoms of Americans including candy assed snowflakes. My Grandfather was one of the World War II war hero’s that went away to serve his country with valor for 4 years.

James Theron Brackett was a certified bad ass who  was in the 95th infantry but was not a part of the initial invasion at Normandy. The “Ironmen of Metz” were more involved in the diversion that made the Germans think the invasion was coming later and from other countries.

They arrived in Normandy weeks after the initial invasion and although I do not know for a fact my Grandfather possibly heard George Patton’s famous speech when the General arrived at Normandy.

According to

D-day invasion

A month after the Normandy invasion, secretly landing at an airstrip near Omaha Beach, Patton entered a waiting jeep. When army and navy personnel rushed up to see him, Patton stood and delivered a short impromptu speech: “I’m proud to be here to fight beside you. Now let’s cut the guts out of those Krauts and get the hell on to Berlin. And when we get to Berlin, I am going to personally shoot that paperhanging goddamned son of a bitch just like I would a snake.”

The 95th infantry division served in Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe. When the war ended the 95th sailed through New York harbor for a 1 month furlough. According to another 95th infantry hero Frank Bever they were scheduled to leave for Japan they re-assembled in Pennsylvania in August. Their training was interrupted by the following announcement.

“We were told bombs had been dropped on a couple of cities in Japan and the Japanese military had finally surrendered,” he said. “Truman had saved our lives. We were sorry for the number of lives that had been taken, but we were glad the war was over.

James Theron Brackett received a Purple Heart with 2 oak leaf clusters, a bronze star, WWII Victory medal, Good Conduct Medal and European Theater medal with 4 stars and 4 engagements.

My Grandfather was captured twice and escaped. He  served for 4 years then came home in 1945 to my father who was 2 years old at the time and my Grandmother.

I had some very fond visits with Grandpa Brackett and am in tears right now thinking about how much I miss him. He passed away in 1994. We talked about Volkswagen’s which he was fond of working on and fixing. We talked about fishing and I remember fishing many times with him. Don’t remember much catching but I do remember fishing. One thing that we never discussed that I can remember is what happened in World War II.

Someone once told me why guys like John Kerry and the fake war hero Richard Blumenthal  are always talking about the war and my Grandfather and others never spoke of it. She told me that guys that were not in battle the whole experience was like going to Disneyworld. But for James Theron Brackett, Frank Bever and the rest of the 95th infantry it was a hell they would rather not remember.

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