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Baltimore mayor suggest “boxing matches’ to halt violence in Liberal ran city

boxing matches



New Baltimore mayor Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young shows once again liberals have no answer for the violence in their “shithole” cities. The mayor at an anti-gun rally Sunday suggested possibly having “boxing matches’ to settle beefs in the city instead of thugs shooting each other.

According to Fox News below is Young’s suggestion.

“There’s mediation. If they wanna really settle them, we can have them down at the Civic Center, put a boxing ring up, and let them go and box it out,” Young told WBAL.

He said that if boxing were the option, “the best man win, and the beef should be over.”

“Those are some kind of things that I’m thinking about, and hoping that we can get these people to put these guns down,” Young said.

The mayor made the comments after a 17 year old was killed on Sunday in just another deadly weekend in the Democrat ran jungle. Chicago also had a deadly weekend with 52 shot and 10 wounded. To think that “boxing matches” are going to solve this violence is insane. It is mostly drug related violence. Until you eliminate the drug problem the violence is not going to be eliminated.

It’s interesting to note that the top 10 most violent cities in the U.S. all have Democrat mayors. Perhaps instead of boxing matches the cities could try electing a conservative Republican. The to 10 cities it is also no surprise are all extreme shithole cities. Baltimore in the past has tried “ceasefire nobody kill anybody weekend“. On that weekend 2 were killed. So they at least slowed down the murder that weekend.

To the new Democrat Baltimore mayor. Boxing matches might work in gym class to settle “beefs” . With thugs all that is going to work is catching them and locking them up and throwing away the key.

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