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Rush Limbaugh says Joe Biden’s best friend bracelet picture Tweet was pathetic

best friend braclet


Rush Limbaugh says Creepy Joe Biden’s Tweet involving a best friend bracelet with former (thank God) President Barack Hussein Obama was pathetic.

Biden is desperate for the endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama even though he has said he is not. He posted an interlocking friendship bracelet with both their names to mark the occasion. The caption was simple: “Happy #BestFriendsDay to my friend, @BarackObama.”

Biden got savaged on the internet but Rush Limbaugh really blasted the pervert that is leading the 2020 group of losers.

“It’s not even desperation. It’s pathetic… he desperately wants Obama’s endorsement, and Obama laughed. So Biden’s trying to make it look like Obama’s his friend, he’s my friend, I like Joe, Joe likes me, I like Barack, and Barack likes me,” Limbaugh told a caller on his radio show.

“You know, these friendship bracelets, these things are made by 7- and 8-year-old girls. That’s who makes them and wears them.”

Biden was asked in April why the former narcissist in Chief had not endorsed him yet. The former (thank God) Vice President said he had asked Obama not to.

Yea Right.

“I asked President Obama not to endorse me. He doesn’t want to — whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merits. Welcome to Delaware,” Biden said.

Biden was surging to what seemed like an insurmountable lead but as usual he screwed up recently backing out of his 30 year support for the Hide Amendment. Now his lead is slipping in Iowa and he did not attend weekend events in the Hawkeye state. Politico says party leaders are getting nervous about his slow rollout in the very important early primary state.

‘If Joe Biden wants to remain 12 points or 15 points ahead then he’s got to start to pull out the stops, and start meeting and greeting and saying hello,’ said one party leader.

Rush Limbaugh was right Creepy Joe Biden is pathetic. But for many many reasons other than making a creepy best friend bracelet for Barack Hussein Obama.

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