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5 Reasons why Parkland school shooting happened that do not blame guns, UPDATE Broward Coward Charged



Update Broward Coward Scot Peterson has been charged with 11 charges including child neglect, culpable negligence and perjury. Peterson and the Cowards of Broward county let 17 people get murdered while they peed themselves hiding behind their cars last year.

On Wednesday afternoon the lives of 17 families in Parkland Florida changed and will never be the same again. Nikolas Cruz took a Uber to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and opened fire with an ending the lives of 17 students  and teachers. A football coach was killed as a hero shielding students leaving behind a wife and children of his own. Yesterday I did not post anything as I was numb for these families. I have two kids still in High School and this could happen anywhere.

Liberals and liberal news is very quick to call for gun control as they did after the Las Vegas shootings. I think the issue is not a gun issue but a people issue. Every day in cities with some of the toughest gun control laws in the country people are murdered with guns. Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC have some of the highest murder rates in the country and also some of the toughest gun control laws.

What is the problem? I believe there are 5 issues to blame for violence such as what happened in Parkland yesterday.


Lack of respect for authority. Although 19 states still allow corporal punishment in schools between 1974 and 1994, 25 states would ban the practice, recognizing that it was an ineffective and inappropriate school discipline measure.I am not sure what research they used but I graduated High School in 1979 and throughout my school years corporal punishment was allowed. The teachers had a paddle hanging on the chalkboard and almost daily there was a paddling in the hallway. Sitting in class I would hear 3 swats and students  in the classroom sat up and shut their mouths.



No respect for the sanctity of life. Since Roe Vs Wade ruling in 1979 there have been over 60 million very young lives ended through abortion before they began. Students grow up thinking this is acceptable. They see liberal politicians and even teachers supporting pro-choice. They do not see an example from leaders that the baby that was killed had no choice in the matter.

No parental leadership. More than 40% of traditional marriages end in divorce since 1980. Children are growing up in split households and the discipline is not happening in homes. Corporal punishment ended in the schools and more and more parents have ended it in the home. At some point some liberal came up with time-out and reasoning with children and this does not work. I am definitely not advocating child abuse but children need discipline and when they do not receive it students  have no respect for authority.



Violence in tv and video games. I know I will get push back here. Already on Twitter I had someone tell me I am a Communist and should move to North Korea where they have censorship. I am far from a Communist most would describe me as a right-wing extremist. I am saying parents should monitor what their kids are watching on TV and the video games they are playing. When my son was around 10 years old we went to a used video store and one of the video games he bought was people running from cops and being disrespectful. I went with him and made him take the game back and explained why this was wrong.

Lastly I believe the disrespect for police and the military are a reason for school shootings and mass shootings. For two years we have had the anthem debate with the NFL. Players starting with Colin Kaepernick started the movement to protest blacks being shot by police. No doubt there are a few bad cops and there have been wrongful deaths in the black and white community. The police and military are doing low paying jobs and supporting and protecting all of us. The NFL should be ashamed of themselves for teaching students hate and disrespect for police.

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