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Rudi Guilaini says if Mueller can’t indict and can’t give an opinion the past two years have been a complete waste of time

waste of time


Former New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani appeared on Fox News The Story with Martha MacCallum and addressed Special Counsel Robert Muellers “final words” on his investigation and said the two year witch hunt was a “complete waste of time.”

“If you take that analysis that he can’t indict, and he can’t give an opinion, then the reality is we just wasted two years. He did give an opinion. And his opinion is no collusion, no obstruction,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani then addressed  Rep. Eric (I’ll nuke you) Swalwell, who appeared on show moments before he did. During his interview, Swalwell suggested questions still surrounding the Russia investigation mean it is, “a larger issue than Watergate.”

“That can’t be a serious candidate for president… it’s pathetic,” Giuliani said.

“This guy who wants to be president of the United States wants to flip all of that and what he wants to do is presume the president guilty. He has been saying the president is guilty for two or three years. What a phony.”

Giuliani also took Democrats to task for continuing to demand access to redacted parts of the report, accusing them of “lying to the American people” before declaring the president is “not guilty.”

“Insufficient evidence means he can’t meet the burden for an indictment. The burden for indictment is probable cause. It’s not reasonable doubt. He can’t get to the level of even making a charge. Do you know what that means every place else in America under American law unless you want to change it? It means you are not guilty,” Giuliani said.

Insufficient evidence in any trial in any courtroom would get you a not guilty verdict. After Robert Mueller’s ridiculous partisan statements yesterday he gave fresh red meat to Democrats that hate Trump more than they love the country. At least 10 of the losers running for the Democrats in 2020 are now calling for impeachment. Rudi Guiliani is absolutely correct. This investigation has been a “complete waste of time.”

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