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Trey Gowdy says Adam Schiff is a “overtly ambitious, partisan, wannabe Senator

wannabe Senator



Little Adam Schiff, pencil neck Shiff or Adam full of Schiff whatever you want to call him the California Representative is a a major pain in the ass and supreme camera hog. Former Representative Trey Gowdy called him out on Fox News saying the bug eyed Representative is “overtly ambitious, partisan, wannabe Senator.

Gowdy reacted during a Wednesday appearance on “Fox & Friends” to Schiff calling Barr’s move “un-American,” despite once calling on President Obama to declassify Russia-related documents because “Trump won’t.”

“Here’s the thing, Schiff is an overtly ambitious partisan wannabe senator from California. So your expectations should be exceedingly low for Adam Schiff,” Gowdy said.

What I find amusing is the duplicity with which the D.C. media covers these events. Remember 2016 and 2017, the front page of almost every major newspaper was some leak of classified information,” he continued. “They didn’t care about that. Now they’re concerned that Bill Barr as he looks into the origins of this investigation may disseminate classified information.

“So Schiff, your expectations should be really low. The media, that is where you should be very disappointed in the duplicity you’ve seen over the last two years.”

Pencil neck Adam full of Schiff has been front and center in the Mueller witch hunt/coup attempt. He is in front of every microphone he can find accusing President Trump of obstruction and cover-up. It is clear he has political ambitions greater than being a junior Representative in California. Really he should join the 2020 Presidential field. There is no way he would be doing worse than Bill DeBlasio and Eric “I’ll nuke you” Swalwell.

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