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Trump is getting his wall without anymore fighting, Pentagon shifting another 1.5 Billion for wall funding

wall funding


The Pentagon is shifting 1.5 Billion dollars meant for Afghan security forces to wall funding as President Trump continues to Tweet that the wall is being built. A few months ago all we heard about practically every day was the battle with Congress over wall funding. When was the last time you heard anything about it? Give Trump the credit he faces obstacles

Congress was notified of the funds transfer Friday. It follows the Pentagon’s decision in March to transfer $1 billion from Army personnel budget accounts to support wall construction. Some lawmakers have been highly critical of the Pentagon shifting money not originally authorized for border security.

The combined total of $2.5 billion is in response to President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the border, where Customs and Border Protection personnel are struggling to cope with increasing numbers of Central American families attempting to gain entry. Trump vetoed Congress’ attempt to reverse his emergency declaration.

wall funding

Remember Chuck and Nancy’s disastrous news conference about the border










If you remember the original battle over wall funding was for 5 billion dollars. Now Trump has secured 2.5 billion half his original request and no battles with Congress.

In all, the Pentagon is expected to shift about $6.1 billion to help build a border wall, including about $3.6 billion from military construction projects, some of which will be delayed. The Pentagon has not yet announced which projects will be delayed in order to free up those funds.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, who plans to visit the border on Saturday, said in an exchange with reporters Friday: “I won’t be reprogramming any more money for the border wall.” He appeared to be referring to having reached the goal of channeling $2.5 billion — Friday’s announcement coupled with the March transfer of money — into a counterdrug program that will be used for the wall.

“We have very smart people here in the department, and we found ways to do this without having any impact on readiness,” he said, speaking before a meeting with Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks.

President Trump will bet 6.1 Billion when all he was asking for was 5.5 billion without the daily begging sessions with Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Remember the daily soundbites from Democrats telling us the wall was evil and immoral. Where did they go. The last battle on the border involved Trump’s threat to send illegals to sanctuary cities. Maybe that is why they are not fighting the Pentagon transfers. They do not want them in their already shithole cities.

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