Addressing the elephant in the room

Representative Omar blames the U.S. Sanctions for what is happening in Venezuela this is the lie millennial’s have been told about the failures of Socialism

U.S. Sanctions


The big lie that millennials in America have been told by their Socialist professors is that Socialism has failed in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea pretty much anywhere it has been tried because of U.S Sanctions. Socialism has failed because it is a failed system. You cannot take from people who produce and continue to give free stuff to people who do not produce and keep a thriving economy for long.

And make no mistake the end result of Socialism/Communism is to bring out the tanks or military vehicles as in Venezuela to squash resistance. Representative Ilhan Omar is a mix of a dumb assed millennial that has been taught that U.S. sanctions are why people are eating zoo animals and their pets in Venezuela a America hating Anti-Semitic Muslim.

Omar speaking to another radical leftist group Democracy Now said the below concerning Venezuela and placing the blame on U.S. sanctions.

I remember talking to Madam Secretary Albright and talking to her about the success of sanctions we impose around the world and how some of them have devastating effects on the actual population and not on the governments that we see as our adversaries. And she concurred with me that many of the sanctions that we impose ultimately lead to devastations—and we are seeing it now in Venezuela—and ultimately lead to having severe problems in that country, which doesn’t stabilize life for the people, and certainly puts us here in the United States at risk.

First of all Madeleine Albright is a moron who served under William Jefferson Blythe (Slick Willy) Clinton who surrounded himself with Socialist so it is understandable the former and first female Secretary of State would support Socialism. U.S. sanctions may have a part in reducing the food supply of failed Communist/Socialist regimes such as Venezuela. But Nicolas Maduro and Socialism have managed to take the once richest country in South America and turn it into a shithole country.

As recently as the late 90’s Venezuela was a livable disaster under Hugo Chavez. Now there is hyper -inflation, a murder rate higher than the Iraq war and people scavenging in landfills, dump-trucks and women selling their hair in a desperate attempt to exist. Millennial’s should have to read this U.K. Independent story to see the similarities of what they want for America.

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