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Most Americans want the Democrats to stop investigating Trump, no surprise Democrats do not

stop investigating Trump


According to a new poll most Americans want the Democrats to stop investigating President Trump

According to the Daily Caller a new poll released by CBS News Wednesday shows 53% of Americans say they’ve seen enough of the investigation, and 44% say Democrats should continue to investigate the Russia matter.

The report comes as Nancy Pelosi tries to hold back the Democrat caucus that has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Crazy Maxine Waters screaming for impeachment and Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler handing out subpoenas like Bob Menedez hiring underage prostitutes.

The poll was mostly divided along party lines, with more Democrats wanting the investigations to continue. The poll showed 73% of Democrats want to continue the investigations, up from 66% in March. The number of Independents who want the investigations to continue also increased to 44% from 35% in March

The poll was released the same day Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of a cover-up and the Democrat caucus argued over impeachment. Maxine Waters has a deranged mind and has been screaming Impeach 45 to anybody who will listen almost since the beginning of Trump’s Presidency.

The Democrats that want the investigation to continue are the same ones that have stopped watching The Communist News Network an Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. They are infected with Trump Derrangement syndrome and other mental disorders. The two year Mueller investigation found the same thing they had from day one. Nothing.

Now that they have found no collusion and no obstruction Nancy Pelosi is going to try the cover-up angle. But how do you cover-up no crime?

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