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Lindsey Graham reads Strzok Page f bomb text in opening statements of Senate Barr hearing

Senate Barr hearing


Senate Barr hearing opened today and Lindsey Graham was on fire in opening vowing Crooked Hillary and Obama DOJ coming next.

Senator Lindsey Graham has put Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Obama DOJ on notice that investigations are coming for them. In his opening statement he highlighted the contempt that the angry Democrats on the Mueller team had for President Trump including reading the exchange between FBI lovers Strzok and Page where the fbomb was employed in describing the hatred of Trump.

During his opening remarks Wednesday morning, Graham, R-S.C., read off text messages exchanged between Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

One that he read was from October 2016, in which Strzok wrote to Page: “I am riled up. Trump is a fucking idiot, is unable to provide a coherent answer. I can’t pull away. What the fuck happened to our country??!?!”

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were FBI lovers despite being married and made no secret of their contempt for President Trump in thousands of text sent back and forth during the campaign and first days of Trump’s presidency. Peter Strzok was responsible for setting up General Flynn for a process crime that has destroyed his career and left him bankrupt. And it was Peter Strzok who got bored with the Mueller investigation and said “there is no there there.”

In the Senate Barr hearing Lindsey Graham is laying out the case for prosecution of the Obama DOJ and showing where the real Russian collusion occurred. Graham was putting the left on notice.

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