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School renames Mothers day so as not to offend those who are not mothers or who do not have one

Mothers Day


I have not been inspired to write about anything today until I came upon this story from the Daily Mail. I also haven’t mentioned today LIBERALISM IS A FREAKING MENTAL DISORDER. A school in Melborne is renaming a stall for a fundraiser and is no longer calling it the Mothers day stall in an effort to not offend those who are not mothers or do not have one.

You might say oh I have been fooled. This is not happening in the United States. Well we have idiot liberals also and it may have already happened and just not been reported.

Brunswick East Primary School in Melbourne will call the stand an ‘appreciation stall’ instead.

In previous years, the school has hosted a fundraising stall where children could buy Mother’s Day merchandise such as mugs, trinkets, candles and soaps.

But staff have decided to change it because some families were offended – and now children can buy gifts for any special person in their life.

Mothers day









Principal Janet Di Pilla explained the change in a newsletter to parents, reported the Herald Sun.

She wrote: ‘I am sorry that in the past we have offended some members of our community and I hope that this acknowledgment goes some way to address any hurt which has occurred in the past.

‘I sincerely hope that this change in name will show that we as a community recognize that our families are not made up of any particular combination of people and that we no longer subscribe to a binary world.’

Now the list of the offended includes a very special holiday Mothers Day. Yes I am aware that it is painful for those who have lost their mothers or who for some physical reason have never been able to be mothers. But before long every holiday will be replaced with some appreciation stall.

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