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President Trump tells Florida Rally the world wants Biden to win so they an rip America off

rip off America



President Trump told a Florida rally the reason the world according to Creepy Joe Biden wants him to win the Presidency is they want to rip off America. Trump has taken a hard line against terrible trade deals renegotiating NAFTA and now in negotiations with the Chinese. Trump has said for years we are getting screwed in trade deals because we have fools negotiating them.

Trump’s affectionate nickname for the former(thank God) Vice President is Sleepy Joe. He said in his speech ” I heard that Sleepy Person is running around telling people the world wants him to be President.”

“America is winning again, and America is being respected again,” Trump told the raucous crowd. “In fact, one of the Democrats today said that he—it’s a he, sleepy person—said that he heard from a lot of foreign leaders, and they want him to be president.”

Earlier in the day Trump went to Twitter to dump on the perverted Democrat frontrunner and used the line that the Chinese wanted to rip off America.

“The reason for the China pullback & attempted renegotiation of the Trade Deal is the sincere HOPE that they will be able to “negotiate” with Joe Biden or one of the very weak Democrats, and thereby continue to rip off the United States ($500 Billion a year) for years to come..”

The word negotiate is in quotes because the President knows Joe Biden will have no leverage in negotiating with the Chinese. They have him over a barrel after giving his son Hunter a 1.5 billion dollar sweetheart deal. If Joe Biden is the best the Democrats have to offer and he is leading Crazy Bernie by 32 points. The world and China would be more than happy to continue to rip off America under his leadership.

Creepy Joe said before finally announcing he would run in 2020 that world leaders were calling him begging for him to run.

‘I get calls from people all over the world. World leaders are calling me, and they’re almost begging me to do this, to save the country, save the world,’ Biden said according to Politico.

Sorry Joe if they did it is because they know what a chump you are.

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