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Republican Representative mic cut off by Jerry Nadler after contentious meeting

Republican Representative



Republican Representative Matt Gaetz mic was cut off by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler .Representative Nadler has been grandstanding every since the Mueller report came out and took a major dump on him and all of those with Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Justice Department objected to Democrat staff members being able to question Attorney General Barr so he declined to show up to their circus today.

Representative Doug Collins earlier left skid marks down Nadler’s back so he may have been hurting so much he wasn’t in the mood for another butt kicking.

Ranking Member Doug Collins gave an impassioned speech, nearly shouting into his microphone with indignation that Democrats had chosen to hold what he called a “circus political stunt” instead of letting Barr testify under his terms. He alleged that Democrats wanted the “to look like an impeachment hearing.”

“We didn’t choose not to have Mr. Barr come, he chose,” Nadler responded, speaking over Rep. Matt Gaetz’s attempts to interrupt. “We will defend the prerogatives of Congress,” he continued.

Republican Representative Gaetz’s mic then went silent and the Fox News anchor said well you don’t see that happen much. That is because when Socialist/Democrats are in power there is no such thing as reaching across the isle or respecting the opinion of the other side.

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