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Trump ask when is the Radical Left Wing Media going to apologize to me, probably shouldn’t hold your breath

Radical left wing media



President Trump went to Twitter today to troll the press and ask for an apology asking when will the Radical Left Wing Media apologize. The truth is they never will but Trump knows how to get under their skin and this is another example of driving those with Trump derangement syndrome over the coo-coo cliff.

“When will the Radical Left Wing Media apologize to me for knowingly getting the Russia Collusion Delusion story so wrong? The real story is about to happen! Why is @nytimes,@washingtonpost,@CNN,@MSNBC allowed to be on Twitter & Facebook. Much of what they do is FAKE NEWS.

President Trump is no doubt referring to the Radical Left Wing Media which pretty much includes everything but Fox News. And even they are in doubt lately with Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, Shep Smith and their crew they continually bring on for liberal commentary. A recent survey showed that 93% of coverage was against President Trump.

Trump no doubt is talking about the Genesis of the Mueller witch hunt being investigated as the real story about to happen. This is why the Socialist/Democrats are calling for Barr to be impeached and resign. Attorney General Barr has made it clear that he is going to investigate Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Rice, Clapper, Page and Strzok. And if this were a fair world Crooked Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Trump has also made it clear he intends to declassify all of the documents that will show who was behind the witch hunt including the British. The rats are about to be discovered and that is why they are screaming for impeachment and resignations.

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