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President Trump quotes Crazy Bernie Sanders praising the economy as AOC does the same thing, is the world really coming to an end?

praising the economy



The U.S. economy is in such great shape the two Socialist Crazy Bernie and his young protege Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t help but praising the economy over the weekend. They probably then went on to say since people now have more money we need to tax them at 90% and give it to non-working and illegals. But at least they are smart enough to recognize a booming economy.

Barack Hussein Obama who said this could never happen but now wants to take credit for it said of President Trump during the campaign “what are you going to do wave a magic wand”? Well it appears he has. Because the manufacturing jobs Obama said were never coming back are back. The GDP Obama said was probably stuck forever under 2% was surprisingly 3.3% growth expected for Q3.

President Trump went to Twitter yesterday to quote Crazy Bernie praising the economy

Then in a very shocking moment young Socialist dingbat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is praising the economy on Twitter. Then after one coherent statement her brain goes into scrambled mode once again.

AOC says “US GDP is at an all-time high. As a nation, we are more prosperous than we ever have been.” OK stop their you Socialist moron because you hit the nail on the head. You didn’t give Trump the credit for it but as a loyal obstructionist Democrat nobody would expect you to.

Ocasio-Cortez then continued to type and this is where she went back to her young Socialist roots. “But that’s simply not the lived truth. Even, now, I’m paid similar to a doctor or corporate lawyer-many who’d think they are “rich” but it’s nowhere near what we actually mean in policy.”

What the hell does that mean? As a Democrat she cannot help but remind the American people that we are overpaying her. But she is saying even though she has a high salary she does not feel rich? Don’t worry honey you haven’t been able to steal enough yet to become a millionaire on your 174,000 salary. You will get there just like Pelosi and the rest in time.

When the U.S. economy is roaring along so well Socialist are praising the economy you know the President is doing a great job. We just cannot afford to hand it back to the Democrats they obviously do not have a magic wand to wave.

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