Addressing the elephant in the room

Pope Francis refuses to address Catholic Church destruction says would confront Trump directly over border wall

Pope Francis


Pope Francis apparently isn’t busy enough cleaning up pedophile priest or the problem with child porn and transsexual videos being downloaded on computers within the Vatican. He has decided to stick his ultra Socialist nose in Americas immigration crisis. The Pope says he would like to confront President Trump directly over his border wall plans.

Pope Francis despite having massive corruption in his Catholic Church wants to tell President Trump he is wrong in pursuing the border wall and separating families.

According to Reuters.

In a wide-ranging television interview with Mexico’s Televisa aired on Tuesday, the pope also shrugged off criticism from ultra-conservative Roman Catholics who call him a heretic.

Francis, who has clashed with Trump before on migration issues, discussed the situation at the U.S.-Mexican border with veteran Vatican reporter Valentina Alazraki, who is Mexican.

“I don’t know what’s happening with this new culture of defending territories by building walls. We already knew one, that (one) in Berlin, which brought so many headaches and so much suffering,” he said.

“Separating children from their parents goes against natural law, and those Christians … you can’t do it. It is cruel. It is among the greatest of cruelties. And to defend what? Territory, or the economy of a country or who knows what,” he said, adding that such policies were “very sad”.

Asked if he would tell Trump the same thing to his face if the president were sitting opposite him instead of the reporter, Francis said: “The same. The same because I say it publicly … I have even said that those who build walls end up being prisoners of the walls they build.”

As I said previously Pope Francis has enough problems with pedophile priest and perverts in the Vatican. Perhaps he should leave obstructing the border wall to Congressional Democrats who along with impeachment have made that their sole agenda.

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