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Trump post video of Nancy Pelosi stammering through news conference, Pelosi and family say it is fake, but it’s not

Pelosi stammering


President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are at war. The President had a meeting scheduled with Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer Thursday to discuss infrastructure. The night before Pelosi had a meeting with her caucus and had infighting with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Crazy Maxine Waters over impeachment talk. She came out and said Trump was involved in a cover-up and said Trump’s family needed to have an ‘intervention.’ Trump followed with a Twitter video of Nancy Pelosi stammering through the news conference.

Pelosi handlers and family came to the Speakers rescue and said the video of Pelosi stammering was fake and doctored. But it was not.

Trump posted the below video titled “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE” it was picked up by Fox Business. Pelosi’s handlers offered the below response.

In response, Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Drew Hammill accused the president of posting a “doctored video.” “Hours before the posting of this doctored video, @washingtonpost reports that doctored Pelosi videos are multiplying across social media,” he wrote, referencing a Post report on a different video circulating on social media.

According to the Daily Wire Pelosi’s daughter also came to her defense. Christine Pelosi not Alexandra said the below. Remember Alexandra when describing Pelosi’s toughness said “she will cut your head off and you won’t even know your bleeding.”

Christine Pelosi also declared the video a “fake.” “Fake video altered for speed- just like you did to Acosta,” she Tweeted, a reference to the infamous Acosta video, which Trump critics said was deliberately “doctored,” an accusation further analysis debunked. “Dig deeper — you can give the presidency more respect than this.”

But according to NBC News one of the fake news networks the video was not doctored.

“Hany Farid, a computer-science professor and digital-forensics expert at University of California, Berkeley, told The Post that there was no doubt that video had been altered,” NBC News reports. “But he said he believed the video Trump tweeted Thursday had not been slowed down.”

“Unlike the video referred to in The Washington Post article, I don’t believe that this video montage was slowed down. This montage, however, is highly deceptive as it compiles in rapid succession relatively small verbal stumbles in an attempt to portray Speaker Pelosi as stumbling through her press conference,” Farid told the outlet.

So the only real explanation of the Pelosi stammering video and many others is she is a serious drunk. Or perhaps some of the many Alzheimer’s  drugs that are delivered daily to Congress are going to Pelosi.

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