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Odell Beckham Jr. rewards the Cleveland Browns for giving up 1st round pick and 17 million a year by looking ridiculous

Odell Beckham Jr.



The Cleveland Browns gave the New York Giants the 17th pick in this years draft and a third round pick the 95th pick to get Odell Beckham Jr. . And they are paying Beckham 17 million dollars a year. Well it looks like the superstar receiver went out and bought a dress with some of that money so he could look absolutely ridiculous at the Met Gala.

First question really to ask is why would the Giants trade a star receiver in the prime of his career who is only 26 years old? If you have seen Odell Beckham Jr. play he makes absolutely crazy catches and he is joining another young receiver Jarvis Landry who is capable of acrobatic catches himself. Why would the Giants trade such a star? The 17th pick of a draft is a high draft pick but certainly no guarantee to be the type of star Beckham has been.

More than likely the Giants did this because Odell Beckham Jr. is a pain in the ass. Same reason the Miami Dolphins allowed Landry to leave to the Browns. Teams can take expensive big contracts. But expensive player plus pain in the ass gets old real quick.

The Cleveland Browns must be proud of their new star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. showing up at the Met Gala in a dress. Beckham must be taking his cues from 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates. You have to look ridiculous to gain attention. We will see how this works out for the Browns. But a superstar for one team does usually does not turn out to be a superstar again after getting a fat contract and increased attention.

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