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William Barr shuts down Diane Feinstein on obstruction claims: Priceless

obstruction claims



It is so refreshing to have a real Attorney General instead of that little pussy Jeff Sessions. The Democrats are bringing William Barr to testify based on Robert Mueller’s crybaby meltdown over the press misunderstanding him. Barr takes Diane Feinstein and twist her like an old pretzel without even raising his voice. Feinstien hoping to nail Barr on obstruction claims gets put in her place too bad her Chinese spy chauffeur was not there to see it.

Feinstein started the questioning.

“Does existing law prohibit efforts to get a witness to lie to say something the witness believes is false?

Barr: Yes. Lie to the government, yes.

Feinstein: And what law is that?

Barr: Obstruction statutes.

Feinstein: The obstruction statute. And you don’t have it, I guess, before you?

Barr: Well, I’m not sure which one they are referring to here — it was probably, 1512 C2.

Feinstein: So, these things in effect constitute obstruction.

Barr: Well you are talking in general terms.

Feinstein: I am talking about specifically — yes, you are correct in a sense, that the special counsel in his report found substantial evidence that the President tried to change McGahn’s account in order to prevent — and this is a quote — further scrutiny of the President toward the investigation. End quote. The special counsel also found McGahn is a credible witness with no motives to lie or exaggerate. So what I am asking you, then, is that a credible charge, under the obstruction statute?

Barr: We felt that that episode, the government would not be able to establish obstruction. The — if you go back and if you look at the episode where McGahn — the President gave McGahn an obstruction — an instruction, McGahn’s version of that is quite clear, and each time he gave it, which is that the instruction said, go to Rosenstein, raise the issue of conflict of interest, and Mueller has to go because of this conflict of interest. So there is no question that that — that the, whatever instruction was given, McGahn had to do with conflict — with Mueller’s conflict of interest.

Obstruction claims is all the Democrat have to hold onto from their failed coup attempt. Mueller has agreed since the report was released there was no collusion so obstruction claims is all they have to hang their hats on. And if there was no underlying crime how can you obstruct?

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