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Rush Limbaugh says CNN hiding results of their new poll that 69% of Americans want Obama DOJ spying investigated

Obama DOJ spying



Rush Limbaugh reported yesterday that the Communist News Network is hiding the results of their own poll that says 69% of Americans want the Obama DOJ spying to be investigated. This is why you see the rats scattering in the Democrat party and stupid Democrats such as Steve Cohen bringing KFC into a meeting and Nancy Pelosi crowing about Attorney General Barr being a liar.

They know what is coming and they want to disparage Barr’s report on Obama DOJ spying.

RUSH: CNN has a new poll out, and they’re burying it. In their poll, Trump’s approval rating has hit an all-time high in the CNN poll, 43%. But there’s something else that they’re burying that they’re not reporting, and it’s this. In the CNN poll that came out yesterday, 69% want an investigation into Obama’s Department of Justice spying.

This is why there was the Democrat freak out when Attorney General Barr mentioned ‘spying” a couple of weeks ago and said he was going to get to the bottom of Obama DOJ spying. President Trump said during the campaign that he was being spied on and the press mocked him. Well it turns out it was true. And have you heard from James Comey lately ? He has gone into protective custody. And Democrats including Hillary Clinton are doing their best to make a joke out of Barr and the ‘spying’ comment.

They are rats running for cover and they know their day is coming, and soon.

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