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Former Narcissist in Chief Barack Hussein Obama delays book release until 2020 so he can beat Michelle’s sales, brags she used ghost writer and he didn’t

Obama delays book


Former Narcissist in Chief Barack Hussein Obama delays book release until after the 2020 election so he can beat Michelle in sales. The guy who can’t refrain from using ‘I’ in his speeches is trashing his own wife bragging that she used a ghost writer on her book Becoming.

Becoming was released around Thanksgiving 2018 so it got a holiday push and the former (thank God) President is wanting a similar push for his memoir. Although he is bragging to anyone who will listen that he is not using a ghost writer he also is not yet finished with his book. It takes a lot longer for Obama to describe how wonderful he is and how his dreadful economic policies have revived the economy under Trump.

The former (thank God) first couple reportedly got a 65 million dollar advance for their memoirs. So much for politics being a humble profession. According to the Atlantic “the writing has been going more slowly than he’d expected’

Of course the former POTUS had success with his literature even before he was elected the American leader in 2008. In 1995 he put out Dreams From My Father and in 2006 The Audacity of Hope.

Both went on to become bestsellers and in Becoming Michelle touches on Obama needed complete solitude to complete his books, at one point renting a home in Bali to get the job done while his family stayed in the US.

Obama delays book release to perhaps be able to include success stories from the Democrat race for President. The former (thank God) President has yet to endorse a candidate even tough his Vice President Creepy Joe Biden is leading all Democrat losers. Although the gayest dude imaginable Mayor Pete Buttplug is rising quickly.

Obama is one of the biggest narcissist ever to be in the White House. A guy who thinks so highly of himself that he wants to beat his wife’s book sales is a real ass wipe. There were reports that Barack Hussein Obama was furious at Crooked Hillary for losing the rigged election because she gave Trump a chance to ruin his legacy. Which he is.

Trump is ruining Obama’s legacy of high unemployment, being the worlds bitch, bowing to every thug dictator he can, capping our energy sources so we are beholden to the Middle East for sources and giving 500 billion a year to the Chinese and others in horrible trade deals. It is no surprise that the former narcissist in Chief would trash his own wife for higher book sales.

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