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North Korea and Cuba both in Food Crisis while America fights obesity, remind me again why Millennial’s want Socialism

food crisis


The food crisis continues in both Cuba and North Korea while Venezuelans fight to oust Communist dictator Nicolas Maduro who has had a diet named after him. The Maduro diet consist of eating zoo animals, your pets and scavenging in dumpsters for survival. So remind me again why to a greater number of dumb assed American millennial’s want Socialism?

In America we are fighting obesity. Weight loss programs such as weight watchers and Jennie Craig are multi-million dollar if not billion dollar rackets. We have the largest GDP in the world and unemployment at 3.6%. Tell me how Socialism is supposed to improve upon this? By paying off the student loans of the dumb-assed millennial’s that have a useless Sociology degree? .

Cubans are lining up as much as three hours to get two bags of chicken thighs they feel like they have won the lottery when they get them. If you have had the opportunity to visit Cuba, which I have it is a beautiful country. But Havana looks like it went through a war like 50 years ago and never rebuilt. Doctors drive taxi cabs just to survive because they can make more on tips than a doctors salary. All of this while they are sitting on a beautiful natural resource. If not for Communism Cuba would easily be a top tourist destination in the Caribbean.

Their corrupt politicians blame increased U.S. Sanctions but U.S. sanctions are not to blame for their citizens starving and Government corruption and the police state the Island has become.

Meanwhile in North Korea over 40% of the population is facing starvation. A large number of the women are abducted and sold into sex slavery in China or forced to marry wealthy Chinese men. China has adopted some Capitalist policies so they are prospering more than most Communist/Socialist countries. But they still oppress Christianity by destroying Christian churches in huge numbers.

America does not have a food crisis we have an education crisis.

On Jan. 10, 1963, Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr. of Florida read a list of 45 Communist goals into the Congressional Record. The list was derived from researcher Cleon Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist.” Would it surprise you to know number 15 is “capture one or both of the political parties in the U.S. and number 17 is “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”

I would say they have been very successful.

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