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New Gallup poll says 4 in 10 Americans support Socialism, do you really believe this?

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According to Fox News a new Gallup polls shows that 4 in 10 Americans support Socialism. But then again right up until the 2016 election Gallup polls said there was absolutely no way President Trump would beat Crooked Hillary Clinton.

The 2020 Presidential field was absolutely full of Socialist prior to SleepyCreepy Joe Biden entering the race. Near 80 year old Bernie Sanders who once praised Soviet Union bread lines was way out in front of Pocahontas, Kamala Harris, the gayest dude you can ever imagine Mayor ButtPlug and the fake Latino. Spartacus was nowhere to be found.

The one thing the field had in common was Socialism. They were trying to out Socialize each other with Medicare for all, guaranteed minimum wage, college loans being paid off by taxpayers, free childcare. Anything they could offer as far as Government assistance was being offered. Then comes the old pervert himself former (thank God) Vice President Biden. And now the it is a one man race with Creepy Joe leading the pack by a long shot.

Is Biden running as a Socialist? Well he was smart enough to say he is the most “progressive.” Which in old Democrat form meant Socialist but he is not trying to keep up with the Socialist Jones’s. But yet he is leading Crazy Bernie the head of the Socialist Democrat party by as much as 30 points. So could somebody please explain this Gallup poll that says 40% of Americans support Socialism?

Gallup noted that in 1942, a Roper/Fortune survey that found 40 percent of Americans described socialism as a bad thing while only 25 percent called it a good thing.

Times have changed. An August Gallup poll indicated that more Democrats view socialism positively than they do capitalism, with 57 percent of Democrats saying they have a favorable view of socialism, while just 47 percent of Democrats in the poll said they have positive feelings about capitalism.

It wasn’t that long ago that Americans viewed Capitalism more favorably than Socialism just 2012. What has changed? A great deal of Americans are morons. The follow the American Idol mode in every area of their life. What does their Twitter followers like. And along comes Crazy Bernie Sanders in 2016 offering to pay off their student loans and give them free healthcare, guaranteed minimum wage and dumb assed millennial’s were all in.

But Crazy Bernie lost the rigged election to Crooked Hillary and the hope for Socialism faded until a much younger version of Crazy Bernie came along in the form of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and now Americans who support Socialism are on the rise once again.

The examples are all around those Americans who support Socialism to see of its failure. The former Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea. It is understandable those taught in our Socialist indoctrination centers called schools and Universities wouldn’t know history. But look at present day Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela. God help us if those who support Socialism ever get their way in America.

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