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Huge majority of Americans would vote for a Muslim President less than half would vote for a Socialist according to new poll

Muslim President



A new Gallup poll says 66% of Americans would vote for a Muslim President. Less than half 46% said they would vote for a Socialist in the latest Gallup poll. Have Americans lost their minds? I would say yes. It could also be argued we already have had our first Muslim President in Barack Hussein Obama. Watch the video below where the former (thank God) President Obama says “my Muslim faith” what Christian would make that mistake?

According to the Daily Mail attitudes split dramatically along partisan lines, with just 19% of Republicans saying they are willing to vote for a socialist candidate, compared to 49% of independents and 74% of Democrats, pollsters said

Similarly, Republicans were least likely to vote for a Muslim, with just 38% saying they would do so, compared to 73% of independents and 86% of Democrats, according to the survey of 1,024 U.S. adults.

Crazy Bernie Sanders would have won the Democrat nomination in 2016 if it weren’t for the election being rigged for Crooked Hillary Clinton. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez burst on the scene from her bartender job and has made hip the term Democratic Socialist. But the dumb assed millennial’s that would vote for Bernie or AOC don’t even know about the evils of Socialism.

‘It’s always been a difficult challenge for a socialist candidate to gain traction in the United States,’ said Sean Foreman, a political science professor at Barry University in Florida.

‘We have a long history of antagonism toward socialist policies,’ he told ‘It would only be in recent years that it was acceptable to speak about socialist parties as one viable option. The ideas are more popular now, universal health care, free education and guaranteed wages. But when we think about these things and what it does to individual freedom then people balk.’

Overall, Americans are more likely to vote for an atheist than a socialist, with 60 percent saying they would cast a ballot for someone who doesn’t believe in God – up slightly from 58 percent in 2015.

Democrats were most likely to say they would vote for an atheist (71 percent), followed by independents (66 percent) and a minority of Republicans (41 percent).

We have already had our first black Muslim President. It is scary that this Gallup poll seems to confirm there are enough people that want to die that would vote for another one. Just listen to what Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are saying on a daily basis. This is what Muslims think of Americans and especially Jewish people. Another Muslim President will be signing the death warrant of America.

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