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Ocasio-Cortez comes as close as a Socialist can to supporting Capitalism with Morehouse College commencement speaker generosity, then she reverts back to roots

Morehouse college



Billionaire investor Robert F. Smith was not only the commencement speaker at Morehouse College this weekend . He became the greatest hope that those who majored in liberal arts, humanitities, journalism, art, music, or theatre arts could not live in their parents basement the rest of their lives.

Smith pledged to set up a foundation to pay off the student debt of the entire class of 2019 at Morehouse College. That is the way capitalism is supposed to work. A regular guy goes to college gets disgustingly rich then helps others under his own free will.

For just a moment this morning on Twitter Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agreed.

“Every Morehouse Class of 2019 student is getting their student debt load paid off by their commencement speaker. This could be the start of what’s known in Econ as a “natural experiment.” Follow these students & compare their life choices w their peers over the next 10-15 years.”

First of all I am very impressed. This is the first example AOC has given that she actually might have earned her Economics degree at Boston University.

A natural experiment is defined by Wikipedia as an empirical study in which individuals are exposed to the experimental and control conditions that are determined by nature or by other factors outside the control of the investigators. The process governing the exposures arguably resembles random assignment.

So randomly somebody blesses you and let’s see what you do with it.

This is the exact opposite of what AOC and 99% of the Democrat party support on an every day basis which is total Government control of our lives.

The AOC slips back into her Socialist roots. The second tweet could be taken as a positive if it came from a conservative.

“It’s important to note that people shouldn’t be in a situation where they depend on a stranger’s enormous act of charity for this kind of liberation to begin with (aka college should be affordable), but it is an incredible act of community investment in this system as it is.”

Yes I do completely agree college should be affordable. But when you continually raise the debt ceiling that these students majoring in ancient urban studies can borrow the crooked Universities will continue to add researchers in ancient urban studies and raising the cost of their Socialist indoctrination’s. Then you end up with morons like AOC with degrees in economics from Boston University.

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