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Robert Francis ‘Beto” O’Rourke is slipping into oblivion in latest Monmouth University Poll

Monmouth University poll


CNN the failing Communist News Network is reporting that the fake Latino Robert Francis Beto O’Rourke is slipping into oblivion. In the most recent Monmouth University Poll the man who once tried to feed his wife a baby turd. The man who said he ate Texas dirt to recover from the butt kicking he took from Ted Cruz in Texas is in sixth place.

The Texas loser is a long, long way from leader SleepyCreepy Joe Biden and Crazy Bernie Sanders. At this point according to Rush Limbaugh the Democrat race for President in 2020 may be over. Unless Biden is actually held accountable for stepping in for his son in Ukraine and making him rich with China contracts the former (thank God) Vice President will be Trump’s opponent in 2020.

President Trump has said he hopes it is Biden. Trump also said this week the world (according to Biden) wants him to be the candidate so they can resume ripping off the U.S.

When O’Rourke jumped Jumped onto a table in Muscatine Iowa on March 14th , he had a boost of momentum. O’Rourke got a high number of Google searches (indicating interest in his candidacy). He raised about $6 million in his first 24 hours. Finally, he hit double-digits in a number of national polls, including CNN’s and Quinnipiac University’s.

President Trump said of O’Rourke when he first launched his campaign “he sure moves his arms around a lot.”

Since that point, however, O’Rourke’s support has declined considerably. He’s running sixth in Google searches over the last 30 days behind Biden, Sanders, the gayest dude you can imagine Mayor Pete , California Sen. Kamala Harris and Pocahontas. His fundraising has slowed, reports say. Indeed, his fundraising may not have been as strong as initially thought. Some of the money he raised on day one could only be used for the general election. His average daily fundraising haul was considerably less than Sanders in the March days following day one of his campaign.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could learn a lesson from the fake Latino Beto Robert Francis O’Rourke. Another thing the Monmouth University Poll shows is the press is largely responsible for the fake Latino tanking. Early in his campaign the press was hot for some Beto and when the gay dude entered they became fascinated with him then SleepyCreepy Joe got in and the coverage for Beto went completely negative.

AOC should take note the press can make or break you.

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