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Need a reminder Liberalism is a Mental Disorder? Representative Cohen eats KFC at hearing to call AG chicken




If you needed further proof that Liberalism is a mental Disorder and Democrats have lost what is left of their minds after no collusion was found in the Mueller report. Democrat Representative Steve Cohen pulled out a pail of KFC at the House Judiciary meeting this morning to point out that the crybaby Democrats think the Attorney General is a chicken for not attending the meeting.

The Tennessee Democrat held a press conference this morning before the Committee met, calling the attorney general “Chicken Barr” while holding a ceramic hen. After he took his seat, though, things got especially surreal.

Cohen, once he placed his ceramic chicken in full view on his podium, pulled out a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and began to chow down on it. It was not yet 9 a.m

Politicians us props all the time and routinely Democrats forget that they are hack politicians and not comedians. Hillary Clinton went on MSNBC last night and once again forgot that she was not a comedian. She said “maybe the Chinese can find Trump’s tax returns. Hoping to get a great response like Trump did when he said the Russians should find her destroyed emails

Cohen had to plan this stunt in advance as KFC isn’t serving buckets of chicken at 9 am when the meeting occurred. So he actually slept on his childish move overnight. Representative Cohen is lucky Barr did not show up because he would have made mincemeat of his dumb ass.

Attorney General Barr refused to testify because of Democrat demands that their staff be allowed to questioning Barr over the Mueller report findings. Ranking Representative Doug Collins went off on Chairman Jerry Nadler with his opening remarks saying the meeting was a “circus political stunt” Collins went on to say the below.

“We didn’t choose not to have Mr. Barr come, he chose,” Nadler responded, speaking over Rep. Matt Gaetz’s attempts to interrupt. “We will defend the prerogatives of Congress,” he continued.

Cohen should be happy he was sitting there like a bald fool eating KFC if Barr would have shown up he would have been made to look like an even bigger fool.

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