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Democrat Representative Cohen is now trying to back away from his stupid KFC stunt

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Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee is now trying to back away from his stupid KFC stunt in the House Judiciary Committee meeting last week. The Tennessee Representative thought it would be funny to bring a bucket and a porcelain chicken to sit in the spot where Attorney General Barr was supposed to be speaking.

Nobody else not even leftist late night talk show host thought it was funny so now the jackass is trying to say it was just a joke.

Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel who is not so funny himself lately mocked the KFC stunt and warned Democrats using this kind of “sick burns” will cost them in the 2020 Presidential election.

“Wow what a sick burn that is, “Kimmel sarcastically said to his audience. “Trump’s gonna win again with stuff like that, isn’t he?”

Comedian Seth Meyer didn’t think it was funny either. ”

“Dude, if you want KFC , just order KFC. It’s fine. You don’t need to tie it to a hearing.”

Now according to Fox News Cohen says the KFC stunt was an attempt at “levity.”

What points that the Tennessee Democrat is mentally deranged even more is he bought the KFC the night before. So first of all he is sitting there eating cold KFC. And second he slept on this. He had time to think about it and still thought it was a wise idea.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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