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KFC Democratic Representative Cohen says it would be unpatriotic for Nancy Pelosi not to push impeachment

impeachment talk



Representative Steve Cohen of KFC eating fame in the Barr hearings last week. At least the hearings Democrats hoped to have Attorney General Barr testify. Cohen is not having a good couple of weeks. Not only did not too many people think his fried chicken stunt was funny, he didn’t get the memo to cool it on the impeachment talk. Cohen has said that it would be ‘unpatriotic’ for Pelosi not to push for impeachment.

The Democrats had a pow wow the other night about impeachment talk and Crazy Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not agree with Pelosi that they should continue in fact finding mode. The nuts in the Democrat party want to start impeachment hearings against Trump. Pelosi spokesperson Ashley Etienne  says Wednesday’s meeting was not about impeachment and said Waters and Pelosi did not disagree on impeachment.

“Any reports or suggestion that there was a disagreement between Speaker Pelosi and Chairwoman Waters about impeachment in Tuesday’s meeting is completely inaccurate,” Etienne said in a statement. “The meeting wasn’t about impeachment and the Speaker never raised the issue.”

Representative Steve KFC Cohen came unglued in a CNN interview regarding Pelosi wanting to back off the impeachment talk. He said the speaker would be unpatriotic to not push impeachment.

“She needs to do what’s right,” he said.

“When you have a Constitution and you have a rule of law, and it’s being destroyed in a reckless gangster manner, you need to act,” he added. “I think the only reason not to act is because of politics. Patriotism says act.”

Somebody needs to explain to Steve KFC Cohen who holds the purse strings in the Democrat party regarding fundraising and fund distribution. Nancy Pelosi may be a crazy old drunk but she remains the strongest Democrat fundraiser.

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