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Nancy Pelosi says President Trump is just goading us into impeaching him, did she take her medication today?



Nancy Pelosi is clearly off her medication today. The Speaker of the House said President Trump is just goading us (the Democrats) into impeaching him. Somebody may have to explain to the millennial’s what goading means but it is old people term for provoking. Drunk Nancy is showing her age.

“Trump is goading us to impeach him,” she said at an event in New York City hosted by the Cornell University Institute of Politics and Global Affairs. “That’s what he’s doing. Every single day, he’s just like taunting, taunting, taunting because he knows that it would be very divisive in the country, but he doesn’t really care. He just wants to solidify his base.”

Pelosi and the Number two in the Democrat house Steny Hoyer have said for a month that impeachment was “just not worth it” and “not worthwhile”. Somebody must have gotten to the Botox drunk in the past few days and told her Creepy Joe Biden is going to be the Democrat nominee and they do not have a prayer because her tune has changed.

Speaking to reporters during a political event in Medford, Massachusetts last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to backpedal on earlier statements that Trump is not “worth it.”

“There are some who think we should have been impeaching him a month— a year and a half ago. Two years ago— two years ago,” she said with the laugh.

Admitting impeachment is a “divisive and dividing path that you can take,” she added, “I do think the path of investigation and getting more information and you never know that one thing can lead to another. Impeachment is never off the table.”

And today the speaker echoed that sentiment and again tried on the obstruction issue for size. “we have to see where the facts take us” and warning that Democrats will “be ready” for whatever may come.

And Pelosi again argued that Trump is obstructing justice, pointing to the White House refusing to comply with subpoenas.

“Every day, he’s obstructing justice by saying this one shouldn’t testify and that one shouldn’t testify and the rest. So he’s making the case, but he’s just trying to goad us into impeachment. And wherever you go, I say to my colleagues, whatever it is, be ready. And whatever it is, we’ll be ready.”

And until then President Trump will keep goading and goading and goading.

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