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Dunkin Donuts wants to give you coffee and donuts not Politics like rival Starbucks

dunkin donuts


Dunkin Donuts wants to give you coffee and donuts and has no desire to give you politics like their Socialist rivals Starbucks. An executive of Dunkin Donuts said their mission has nothing to do with a political agenda sending messages on their cups. Letting the homeless use their bathrooms, setting a Socialist political agenda like the Communist at Starbucks.

“We are not [S]tarbucks, we aren’t political — we aren’t gonna put stuff on our cups to start conversations,” said Dunkin’ Donuts executive Drayton Martin, according to law professor Alexandra J. Roberts.

“We don’t want to engage you in political conversation, we want to get you in and out of our store in seconds. It’s donuts and ice cream — just be happy,” added Martin.

Starbucks pledged to hire 10,000 refugees in response to President Trump’s plan to keep illegal invaders from entering our country.

Dunkin Donuts

Starbuck former CEO Howard Schultz a possible independent candidate for President in 2020 said at a 2013 shareholders meeting the companies stance on gay marriage had probably cost them business. But he didn’t care.

“Not every decision is an economic decision,” Schultz said. “The lens in which we are making that decision is through the lens of our people.”

Starbucks flies the rainbow flag in support for all of those freaks that fall in the alphabet LGBTQXKRPNR whatever. Dunkin Donuts chooses to sell coffee and donuts.

“This has become a tremendous tradition for us,” said Lucy Lee Helm, Starbucks chief partner officer. “Every year it gets bigger and bigger because of the pride that it instills in all of us. This flag is raised above our headquarters in support of not only the LGBTQ community, but equality for all of us at Starbucks and in our world.”

Yes Starbucks Socialist agenda includes race.

“In response to the Ferguson riots and deteriorating race relations in the U.S., Starbucks launched the ‘Race Together’ campaign in 2015. The awkwardly conceived campaign gave baristas an option to write ‘Race Together’ on the cups of customers of (presumably) another race to initiate conversations about race relations, but critics on both sides of the political aisle claimed that Starbucks was overstepping its bounds. Starbucks promoted the campaign with full-page ads in U.S. newspapers with the words ‘Shall We Overcome?’ and built its first store in Ferguson, which opened last April.”

And who can forget Starbucks’ increasingly Christmas-less Christmas cups: “In 2015, Starbucks launched a red cup for the holidays that eliminated all Christmas-themed ornaments and decorations. That move irritated some Christian groups, but Starbucks doubled down last year with a green cup which replaced all holiday and winter decorations with illustrations of groups of people as a ‘symbol of unity.’”

Starbucks is ran by Socialist and seems to attract like minded employees. Dunkin Donuts has made the same decision as the new ESPN president they will stay away from politics and just sell coffee and donuts. And refrain from promoting Socialism. They will leave that to the press, schools and Universities.

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