Addressing the elephant in the room

Doug Collins lights Jerry Nadler on Fire “The reason Bill Barr is not here today is the Chairman decided he didn’t want him here today”

Doug Collins


Representative Doug Collins lit Jerry Nadler on Fire today in the House Judiciary Committee meeting that was supposed to be questioning Attorney General William Barr. The Democrats postured yesterday to have staffers including attorneys question the AG and their request was denied.

Ranking Member Doug Collins gave an impassioned speech, nearly shouting into his microphone with indignation that Democrats had chosen to hold what he called a “circus political stunt” instead of letting Barr testify under his terms. He alleged that Democrats wanted the “to look like an impeachment hearing.”

“We didn’t choose not to have Mr. Barr come, he chose,” Nadler responded, speaking over Rep. Matt Gaetz’s attempts to interrupt. “We will defend the prerogatives of Congress,” he continued.

It is clear Jerry Nadler and the Democrats had no plan B when the Mueller witch hunt failed to find any evidence of collusion. Their only move now is to keep in the news and on television talking about Watergate and implying impeachment without actually having the balls to start impeachment hearings. And this is what Doug Collins pointed out today. Jerry Nadler is a political hack and he doesn’t have enough evidence for any sort of impeachment hearing but he wants the press and his rabid followers to think he does.

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