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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says a Senator “lacks critical thinking skills” Seriously she said that?

critical thinking skills


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused U.S. Senator Rick Scott of lacking critical thinking skills. Go ahead I will give you a second to let that one sink in.

Senator Cory “I’m Spartacus’ Booker introduced his gun grabbing plan. It is no shock that Democrats want to take American citizens guns. That is probably why Booker barely registers in a horrible field of 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates. Senator Rick Scott went to Twitter to mock Spartacus and AOC’s Green New Deal.

That is when AOC’s mind woke up and she accused Scott of lacking critical thinking skills.

Twitter didn’t have much respect for the dingbat Representative that thought she was going to be inaugurated into the House and start signing laws.

AOC wants so desperately to be taken seriously for her 93 Trillion dollar plan to bankrupt the U.S. economy. She is the one lacking critical thinking skills of for that matter any thinking skills whatsoever. 

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