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Cory Booker pushing gun grabbing platform says thoughts and prayers after shootings “bulls**t

Cory Booker


Cory Booker is slipping into 2020 Presidential candidate hell. The party of diversity has two old white dudes leading by a long shot. And one of the old white dudes SleepyCreepy Joe Biden is stumbling away from the field.

In an interview with CNN’s David Axelrod, Booker said the use of “thoughts and prayers” after a shooting is “bullshit.”

“So, when I’m President of the United States, I’m taking a fight to this issue like folks have never seen before, because we’re better than this is a country. It’s a uniquely American problem. No other country has this kind of carnage. More people in my life kind of died in this nation due to gun violence and then all of the wars and revolution wars now. We are not going to give thoughts and prayers which to me is just bullshit. I’m sorry to say it as a man of faith, but I was taught that faith without works is dead. We’re going to bring a fight with everything that I have to solve this problem because it’s solvable and we know it,” Booker said on this week’s edition of ‘The Axe Files’ on CNN.

Spartacus himself is even behind the gayest dude imaginable Mayor Pete, Kamala Harris, Pocahontas so at this point he will say almost anything for recognition. He has been talking about his gun grabbing measures should the world end and he actually gets anywhere near the White House.


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