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Colorado Students walk out after vigil for school shooting after it turns into gun grab sermon

Colorado students



Colorado students and parents walk out of a vigil planned for shooting victim and hero Kendrick Castillo and those affected by the latest school shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch. As Socialist/Liberals always do they attempted to politicize the event with a gun grab sermon and the students would have none of it.

“What it seemed like to me … is that it was less about Kendrick [Castillo]and STEM and survivors, and it was more about peddling a narrative and peddling policy,” said STEM School student Rob Laurie, who was one of four students who attended Wednesday’s vigil to speak with Denver7 Thursday.

The event was organized by a Brady campaign to prevent gun violence group and two Democrat politicians were there to speak. But the Colorado students got frustrated that they were drowned out by the gun control preachers. Students were heard yelling “let STEM kids speak” and “the media is stopping STEM kids from speaking.”

That was not the case, according to the students with whom Denver7 spoke.

“The media was not the reason that STEM walked out of that rally,” Laurie said.

He said the event was advertised as a candlelight vigil to honor Castillo and the eight other students who were shot and injured but survived. But he said he didn’t believe that Castillo’s name was mentioned among the first couple of speakers, which he and other students said was when they came up with a different plan.

“I was there for Kendrick and the survivors and my friends, and to see that put to the wayside to focus on a political agenda was disheartening and not what we were going for,” said another STEM student, Joanne Fuchs. “And I think that’s when a lot of people started getting angry with it. We said this isn’t for us, and we went downstairs and had our moment there. We gave hugs and said, ‘It’s about Kendrick.’ And that’s when we decided to walk out.”

Only ABC national correspondent Matt Gutman, on Thursday’s Good Morning America, reported on the anger from students and parents over the anti-gun rights politicians overtaking the event:

MATT GUTMAN: Good morning, George. It was pretty shocking to see those hundreds of students and parents marching out of that gymnasium protesting what they called the politicization of their grief. They said they didn’t want to talk about gun control. They wanted to talk about the heroes who stopped that shooting. At the vigil for that school shooting’s victims the survivors rising up. Politicians like Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Michael Bennet spoke but it was the students who demanded to be heard. Stalking out of the gymnasium. They demanded that the vigil instead focus on the shooting’s victims including 18 year-old Kendrick Castillo.”

The other major networks only reported the facts of the shooting and that a vigil was held. School shootings are horrific events and this one could have been much worse. The fatality Kendrick Castillo died a hero rushing the shooter to save other students. The Colorado students wanted to grieve and celebrate his life. The gun grabbing politicians had other plans and the students bolted. 

Good for them.

Source Newsbusters

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