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Chinese soldiers train jumping into mud puddle to intimidate their opponent, this is a country we are supposed to fear?

chinese soldier



Maybe this is just propaganda for China to show the U.S. and the world how tough Chinese soldiers are by them jumping into mud puddles. At a time where we are engaged in a trade war with China their soldiers are training to intimidate opponents by jumping in mud puddles?

People’s Daily China posted this video to their Twitter account with the caption This is the incredibly strong soldier morale of China’s PLA. They fear nothing.”


The initial test to become a Navy Seal is so grueling that a majority of applicants do not make it. The famed Hell week only 25% make it through that and they are not jumping in mud puddles.

For this first test, the standard scores include completing a 500-yard swim in nine minutes or less, 90 or more push-ups and sit-ups in two minutes each, eighteen pull-ups, and a 1.5 mile run in combat boots in 9:30 or less. These tasks must be done consecutively, with minimal rest time in between.

If Americans were shown videos of Army Rangers or Navy Seals jumping in puddles to intimidate their opponents all hell would break loose in the U.S. Hopefully we never have to wage war against the Chinese but if so the Chinese Soldiers are highly trained at getting muddy.

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