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Chuckie Schumer agrees with President Trump on one issue…. China Trade urges Trump to hang tough

China trade


Senator Chuckie Schumer agrees with President Trump on almost nothing. For sure he and Nancy Pelosi do not agree on immigration. One could never forget the stone cold image of the two stiffs standing side by side and issuing their rebuttal to Trumps immigration speech. The one issue and the only issue Chuckie agrees with the President on is China Trade.

President Trump has said China has been screwing the United States for many years. He went to Twitter today to threaten new tariffs on China.

“The United States has been losing, for many years, 600 to 800 Billion Dollars a year on Trade. With China we lose 500 Billion Dollars. Sorry, we’re not going to be doing that anymore.!”

President Trump has said as of this Friday tariffs on 200 billion dollars of China goods will go from 10% to 25%. President Trump has made it clear with China Trade as well as new Trade deals with Mexico and Canada the United States is no longer the worlds sucker.

Chuckie agrees on China Trade. Every other Schumer tweet today is mocking Trump for one thing or another but on China he has this to say.

“Hang tough on China, President @realDonaldTrump.Don’t back down.”

He went on to say “Strength is the only way to win with China.”

Bipartisanship used to be something Democrats preached all of the time. Especially when they were in power and wanted help passing their liberal agenda. All Chuckie Schumer agrees with Trump on is China Trade. Seems curious why does he have such a hard on for China?

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