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Cher tweets then deletes that she wants Trump to be a “Boy Toy” raped in Prison by “Bubba” then goes crazy again

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Cher is a poster child for my catch phrase “liberalism is a mental disorder.” Twitter has given morons a platform to try to be experts and Hollywood types think they are the voice of the people. Cher who hasn’t done anything significant since singing “I got you babe” with Sonny tweeted then deleted yesterday that she wanted Trump to be a “Boy Toy” raped in prison by “Bubba.

The 73 year old apparently was set off like others by Robert Mueller being a pussy and trying to have it both ways in his going away news conference.

Below is Cher’s ignorant homophobic tweet.

“Been giving impeachment much thought throughout the day & I would [love] 2 see Trump impeached, brought 2 trial, [locked] up in [chains], & boy toy of Big Bubba. My Delight In Seeing trump Run Out Of Town On a Rail, Is More Likely [love] over [brains]. I WANT WHAT’S BEST 4 DEMOCRATS AND DEMOCRACY.”

They after she became another Hollywood coward she deleted that tweet and sent out another refusing to apologize.She admits she went to far with boy toy prison rape joke. What is with all of her caps regarding a line not to cross? Is she talking about the rape in prison boy toy line?

Then the Las Vegas performer that has made millions off a couple of popular sons in the late 60’s with her deceased husband went on to pass on some fake news. No Trump did not have The USS John McCain hidden or cover up the name. But she wouldn’t know it was fake news. After all if some dumb ass said it on Twitter it hast to be truy. Right?

Seriously the last three tweets look like either a totally insane person wrote them or perhaps like a 3rd grader. Full of emojis and caps the woman, Hollywood, Democrats and their partners in the press are losing their minds because Robert Mueller found nothing in his two year 40 million dollar witch hunt/coup attempt.

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